Use Google Disavow Links Tool to remove Unnatural Links


In the wake of recent changes to link building best practices, Google has launched a brand new ”Disavow Links Tool” to help webmasters combat link spam. The prime target for this tool is to crush negative seo. This new tool allows webmasters to disavow or disinheritance links they suspect are leaving harmful effects on their website.

What is Disavow Links Tool?

The disavow links is a newly launched useful seo tool that help webmasters get rid of all the unnatural backlinks causing trouble for their websites. This tool is specially designed for webmasters receiving warnings from Google in their Webmasters Account regarding the unnatural inbound links that are far away from being search engine friendly.

Through this tool the webmasters will now be able to inform Google about the links they don’t want to get counted when determining the page rank and link juice. This will help a website remain unaffected from corrupt unnatural links designed to tarnish the reputation of a website.

How to use Disavow Links Tool

The Google’s Disavow Links Tool is not directly available in the Google Webmasters Dashboard but the user needs to login to his Webmasters Account before accessing the tool.

Once the user Login to his webmaster account he should visit Disavow Links page to get started.


The screen that appears shows the websites verified by the webmaster in his account. Once the user selects the website for which he wants to remove some spam inbound links the next screen appears.


The next screen will prompt the user to upload a text file preferably created in Notepad detailing the links that Google should ignore when indexing their website. A sample file is written below

# Contacted owner of on 7/1/2012 to

# ask for link removal but got no response
# Owner of removed most links, but missed these

In the above example the “#” is used to write comments that are not indexed by Google.

The “domain:” command blacklists the entire domain name and instructs Google not to count any incoming links from a particular domain name.

The individual links to be removed must be placed each on a separate new line as observed in the sample.

Once you upload the text file you are almost done and rest assured the links you mentioned will not be counted when indexing your website.

For more details watch the official Google Video

How long will take for Google to ignore the links

Once the user submits a request to disavow or ignore certain links it will take a few weeks for Google to re-index those links and remove them but once the links get removed the user needs to file a reconsideration request with Google asking the web spam team to manually check whether the website comply to Google Quality Guidelines in order to reinstate rankings.

When should you use Disavow Links Tool

As the main motive behind this tool is to help all webmasters who point out fingers on their competitors and spammers for all the unnatural links to get rid of the links over which they have little or no control.

As advised by Google this tool must not be used as a first option but rather it will be better to make changes to the website, modify the links for which you have control or request the webmasters linking to you remove all the unnatural looking links.

The tool should only be used in extreme cases such as if you have been warned in the Google Webmasters Dashboard regarding the unnatural links that point towards your website or your website has been manually penalized due to link spam. You may also utilize this tool to remove paid links or low quality links as well as fighting those webmasters who are engaged in negative seo to destroy your SERP’s.

The Brief Review

Google pays a lot of importance to Page Rank alongside 200+ other factors when ordering their search engine results, inbound links are the strongest determinant of authority and popularity of a website in the eyes of Google and over the years many spammers have used unnatural backlinks as a yardstick to outplay Google Rankings.

As a majority of us are familiar with the dreadful effects of infamous Google Panda and Google Penguin penalty that caused the demise of many reputed websites and seo executives. The former targeted low quality content farms while the later targeted web spam through penalizing websites engaging in spam link building practices to dominate Google Rankings.

Over the last few months we have heard many success stories of recovering from Google Penalty but some websites are still struggling to find a way out especially through Google Penguin Penalty that reverts only when Google runs an algorithm refresh that has happened just twice during the year.

The only way to recover from Google Penguin Penalty is to get rid of all those spam backlinks that have resulted into the penalty. The link disavow tool will make sure all webmasters get an opportunity to fight link spam playing their part in making Google the best search engine over the internet.

Editor’s Recommendation:-

Although the Google Disavow Tool is a very good medium to remove all unwanted unnatural links but still this tool suits only the big players in the industry who want to experiment something new. It is highly recommended to optimize your website and request all the webmasters linking to you for removal of the links you suspect may result into a search engine penalty. Don’t blacklist the entire domain as certain links carry weight, although the links can be resurrected upon request to Google in the coming days but the entire procedure will take time and no guarantees for rankings restoration.

Do not attempt removing links unless you are sure this action will have a positive impact on your website. Keep your comments rolling in below to share your experiences regarding this new SEO tool.