Top Web Browsers Ranking 2013


Today we are sharing top web browsers ranking for 2013. Imagine the life without internet around three decade ago, nobody had a clue how greatly our lives will be influenced with the arrival of internet and laptop machines. Personally I am living an internet lifestyle where I love communicating through social media websites and skype.

Web Browsers

Internet is a deep sea of information. Its the web browsers that let us access very bit of that information hassle free. Today with the advent in technology and modern websites, web browsers have evolved.

In layman terms, “web browsers are important computer programs that let us enjoy true flavors of internet”. The first ever internet browser was WorldWideWeb that was later followed by a few more ones but the revolution knocked our doors with the release of Internet Explorer in 1995.

Today we do online shopping, internet banking and other confidential tasks on Internet for which a leak of information could result in both financial and non financial damages. A good web browser may give you the comfort of mind for being secure, up to date, fast, reliable and equipped in latest features.

Top Web Browsers

In this era, we have wider options whilst choosing a web browser that matches out internet browsing needs. Below we have reviewed top 5 browsers that have the characteristics to enjoy limelight.

top web browsers

1- Mozilla Firefox


Mozilla Firefox is probably the best web browser available in the market today. It is fast, efficient, reliable, rich in features and running on the latest technology. Reviewing the product I would begin with the user interface that’s just awesome, private browsing mode offers privacy while surfing the web, less crashes and improved security provide protection against malicious code.

The appealing features include pop up blocker, download manager, session restore options, add-ons and extensions to personalize browsing experience, fast java script rendering systems to allow smooth running of complex web based apps and support for latest technology like Html 5 and CSS 3 ensures your browser is up to date.

Mozilla Firefox is probably the most standard compliant web browser with an extensive community support. Statistics reveal the popularity of Mozilla Firefox among the internet users and suggest it to be the market leader. This browser is compatible to work on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and some Mobile OS such as Android etc.

Download Mozilla Firefox

2- Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 is fast and secure, it offers more screen space, a clean user interface, download manager, supports tab isolation feature to decrease crashes. According to the developers it the first fully hardware accelerated web browser, you could pin your favorite websites to Windows 7 Taskbar for quick access. The downside remains it’s compatible to work only with Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

Microsoft Internet Explorer is probably the most common web browser we get to see in home computers the reason being the built in availability with Windows OS. First released in 1995, this browser enjoyed monopoly until the beginning of 2007 when Mozilla Firefox started to capture some market share.

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3- Google Chrome

google chrome

Google entered the browser war back in late 2008 with Google Chrome. Google Chrome is a fast and light weight web browser that was the first one in the market to maximize browsing space with a simple user interface. Being the most innovative web browser it made us rethink our stance on web browsers. Today Google Chrome is the most widely used web browser while its popularity graph is steeping upwards. One of the admirable features remain the automatic updates running in the background whenever the browser is loaded saving precious user time.

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4- Opera


The Norwegian Web Browser may not be in the limelight as others but still manages to offer pretty decent functions. It bags all the characteristics of mainstream browsers but misses out despite being in the play since 1996.

Opera offers a user friendly interface and a fast browsing speed. The best feature is the Turbo Mode which drastically improves website load time on slow internet connections. Opera was the first web browser for mobile devices and does pretty well on mobile platforms.

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05- Apple Safari


The Web Browser initially developed for Mac OS X but later added support for Windows and Linux. Safari is the default built in browser for Apple Mac OS X and iOS Devices. This browser prevents pop up windows and excessive advertisements from ruining the user experience leaving down the text in an article to be viewed by the web surfer. Overall this web browser is decent but not exceptional as its counterparts.

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I hope you enjoyed our review, drop in your texts below to support the web browser you are using.