Top 6 Ways to Make Money On Internet


Learn about the top 6 ways to make money on internet by following legitimate practices.

During the recession strained times, we get to see many skilled professionals, students, housewives and corporate refugees often looking for part time jobs to supplement their monthly income.

Without any exaggeration working on the internet is one of the best part time jobs you could get. The most favorable aspect is the flexibility of timings, you need not to quit the 9 to 5 job or bunk university lectures, the work can be done anywhere and anytime.

The planet internet is filled with enormous opportunities to make some serious money, if I say it’s a business than I won’t be wrong.

Having said that, let me warn you ,earning money online is not as easy as it sounds. It is estimated that for one legitimate opportunity there are almost 60 scams so one needs to do a bit of research to avoid falling prey to one of the scams.

I have been working online for almost 5 years; I am not alone; there are many other super successful entrepreneurs in the league. There are many ways to make money but here I have compiled a list of 6 ways through which you could earn a healthy income from your online ventures.


1- Work as Freelancer

Working as a freelancer is one the best ways to make money on internet. The freelancers get paid for selling their skills and services. It’s a recession proof earning methodology, the skills and services are always in demand. You need to sign up for various portals connecting contractors with freelancers and bid on the projects to win one for you. The top websites are Elance, Freelancer, ODesk and many others. Moreover you could create your own website and social media profiles detailing your skills and projects portfolio to enable contractors hire you on competitive remuneration.

How to Make Money on Elance

2- Affiliate Marketing

Never underestimate this method; there are several internet marketing experts who are earning thousands of dollars each month exclusively from Affiliate Marketing. The procedure is to promote merchants products on internet to get a commission percentage out of each sale generated through your referral. You have a variety of products to choose from and at the end of the day it’s the game of creativity. The more creative and appealing your work is the more sales you will generate. To have an in depth insight of Affiliate Marketing don’t hesitate referring to one of our previous articles

How to make money with Affiliate Marketing

3- Earn with Websites

The most hyped method of all. You create an informative website, create authority and attract traffic + subscribers, to earn revenue from displaying advertisements, selling personal products and premium content.

There are several ideas to monetize a website such as launching a membership based website where members are required to pay as they view content. Another idea is to start creating some tutorials and selling them on your website.

Niche websites earn more than general websites so many internet marketing professionals create websites on small niches and than sell products. The popular advertisement programs for your website are Google Adsense, BuySellAds, Infolinks etc. That’s not all, if your website is performing poorly in terms of revenue you may sell it on Flippa to earn some money out of your efforts.

4- Buy Sell Stuff on Ebay

Ebay is an auction website. This portal connects buyers and sellers and allows them to exchange their products at a profit. You could make money by selling your old books, furniture or anything for which you could locate a buyer. The price should be favorable with enough profit margins otherwise your efforts will go nowhere.

5- Work as Social Media Consultant

There are many corporations who want to harness the power of social media in improving their business growth. You may start working online as a Digital Media Strategist or what’s commonly called a Social Media Consultant. The scope of the work includes engaging potential customers on social media properties through promotional campaigns, news, updates etc. You will be devising a strategy to help companies avail maximum benefit by using social media as a vehicle for business development and brand reputation purposes.

6- Train and Educate People

If you think you are competent enough than you may start acting as an online mentor. The advent in technology and developments in internet have transformed the concept for a traditional classroom. Many students now prefer taking e-learning courses from internet; you could start offering online training programs and online educational courses. There are many websites who offer such online courses whilst there are many universities who now deliver live lectures through video conference engaging students through blogs and social media fan pages. Another idea is to write e-books and novels and sell them to the targeted audience through Amazon. Offering online tuition and training is still in the phase of infancy but sooner we will see it on the mainstream once the audience gets educated of the power of this method. It’s a high time to engage students and build your reputation before competition starts falling in.


There are several solid reasons to convince you for making money by working on the internet; you need to be consistent and determined. In the early stages you may end up making no money but once you get trained you will be generating enough profits to afford a wealthy lifestyle. It’s the game of ideas and creativity. Don’t forget to roll in your comments below.