Top 10 Weirdest Restaurants


People go to restaurants to eat, of course, to celebrate, or to discover new food that may tickle their taste buds. Adventurous people try exotic food. However, these top ten weirdest restaurants went against the norms.


10. Cat the fat! Calico Cat Café allows people in Tokyo to have a pet for an hour or so. You will be given a menu wherein cats are listed, not to be eaten but for you to pet. The cats that you will practically rent will come with dried cat food so you can play with them and feed them. No food for you, but a cup of tea instead.

9. E-resto. Hajime Restaurant does not only have a futuristic feel to it but also futuristic food servers. The owner invested almost a million dollars for the robots who serves dinner and can also entertain you by dancing.

8. Jungle Juice. While the previous restaurant features robot food servers, Kayabukiya Tavern in Japan gives you a taste of dining in a jungle by being served by monkeys.

7. You have the right to remain silent. A Jail-themed restaurant called Devil Island Prison Restaurant is being run to scare people from committing crime by showing them what it is like to be inside the prison. They even handcuff you before leading you to your cable.

6. Seems Redundant. Eat seafood under the sea. This is one sea-rrific experience. The restaurant is located in Maldives, six feet below sea level and you can dine with sharks and other sea creatures swimming above. Better make sure that the glass ceiling is strong enough to keep the sharks out.

5. Cuteness Overload. Visit Kinderkookkafe in Netherlands to get your cuteness dose. The staff members of this restaurant are all kids. What else can be cuter than that?

4. Ice, ice, baby. The Ice Restaurant in Dubai is one cold place, literally. You will be sitting on an ice chair, in front of an ice table, you will be served food and drinks on ice plates and glasses, and all the furniture and the bar is made up of ice. Cool, right?

3. Loose Bowl Movement. You can test how hard-stomached you are by talking about poop while eating. Well, the Modern Toilet in Taiwan can check that for you. You will be slurping on your noodles while sitting on your throne of toilet bowl. Well, the decorations on it would probably help, but still.

2. Tall, dark, and blind. The Dark Waiter in Denmark is one of the restaurants that believe that your gastronomic experience is enhanced when you do not have a sense of sight. You will be eating your meal in complete darkness and you will be assisted by a blind staff.

1. Up, up, and away! With enough funds, you can experience your Dinner in the Sky meal which is available worldwide. You choose the place, and you will be suspended in the air with your friends while you enjoy your meal, hopefully no one is afraid of heights.