Top 10 Ways to Support a Grieving Friend

Grieving Friend

Regardless of your religion or what side of the world you are living, grieving and mourning are processes that one has to go through after a loved one was loss. As a friend of someone who is grieving, you may have a hard time to think of things to say to console the person. In this difficult journey of life, there are many things that a friend could do to support a grieving person. Here are top ten tips that you may want to consider.

10. Lend a Hand

The whole family may be grieving, and the least you can do is to lend a helping hand. Do specific errands or simple tasks that you can do like preparing the food, or making funeral arrangements. You’ll never know how important these things are for someone who is at the grieving stage.

9. More Listening, Less Advising

Give some advice only when you are asked since the coping stage may be different for each person. However being a good listener would be helpful in more ways than one. It eases the person’s feeling of being left by the loved one.

8. Follow Through

Even though it’s already been months since the loved one past away, it would be right to check on your friend every now and then. If you have offered some help, keep that promise and double check on them if they still need a hand.

7. Be there

Being physically present is important to a person who is grieving. Sometimes all they want is your company, and it doesn’t matter if you do not talk so often. Just be there. The person will talk once he’s ready.

6. Find a Role Model

Check your community who has gone through a similar loss and ask for some ways on how the person moved on with his life. Showing good examples to a grieving person can be a booster for him to get on with his life.

5. Time Off

Grieving can be tiring. Check on your friend that he is not over scheduling just to keep himself busy. Remind him to take some time off, too.

4. Strengthen Faith

Your friend may be in fear and in doubt to move on, be his backbone by supporting and keeping his faith strong and alive. Always remind him that things will be okay, maybe now right away but soon. Just have faith.

Grieving Friend

3. Unwind

Invite your friend to unwind and take a breather. Do activities that would make him relaxed. It will help him reflect on what has happened and what should be done after having some time off.

2. Be Involved

Suggest your friend to join activities or some work that are new to him, but has something to do with his interests as well. This will keep him distracted from moping and mourning.

1. Seek for Others’ Help

Ask your friend if he would want to talk to somebody else.  He may visit a psychologist or join a workshop group that has gone through a similar phase in life. Having people who has experienced similar events may console each other as well.