Top 10 Ways to Stretch Your Food Budget

Budgeting is one of the skills that every household head or mom should have. Money is really hard to earn and it really hurts our budget whenever we don’t decide well on how to allocate our cash. Here are tips on how to budget one of the most expensive commodities you buy – food.

(10) Buy in bulk.

This is applicable for big families. Whenever buying, it is always cheaper to buy in bulk. You can start with breakfast items such as hot dogs, ham, eggs and milk. And then move towards what you usually prepare for lunch or dinner. Make sure to buy in bulk the family’s favorite so that none of it goes to waste.

(9) Know the prices.

Part of budgeting is- knowing the real prices of commodities. Do not rely on your nearest grocery store. Do some research on where you can find the cheapest food. Do not, however, jeopardize the health of your family. Make sure you buy only the fresh products.

(8) Utilize Coupons.

There are many sources of food and grocery coupons. For example, you can look at food magazines and check out the back for food coupons. There are also coupons on your local newspaper. Just recently, there are also coupons you can find online. So do your research very well.

(7) Freezer Inventory.

Often times, we forget what is in our freezer because we don’t see it that often. Thus, it pays to know what is already in there before grocery shopping. This way, you don’t need to rebuy meat, fish, poultry and the like.

(6) Follow a meal plan.

Do your grocery shopping every week. You must follow a meal plan in order for it to be effective. First, you need to list down what you will be preparing for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for the next 7 days. And then based on that meal plan, list down the things that you need to buy.

(5) Go organic.

Avoid buying stuff in a can or anything that has preservatives in it. The truth is, these types of food are even more expensive. For example, if you want to eat pickled sardines, buy sardines and use your own oil to pickle them. That would be way cheaper, even half the price really.

Food List

(4) Grow your own.

This may not benefit you right away but your green thumb will surely have its advantages in the long run. If you have extra spaces like the backyard then grow some plants like tomatoes, rhubarb, lemon or mint. You will see that you won’t need to pay so much anymore for these extra spices or ingredients.

(3) Cut back on eating out.

You can still have fun family time even if you are at home. Eating out is often more of a recreational activity rather than an eating activity. You pay for the aura of the restaurant more than the food. Stay at home, cook good meals, stay healthy and save money.

(2) Stick to your grocery list.

Grocery shopping may be therapeutic for some moms out there. That is why they end up buying more than what is listed in their grocery list. Don’t buy food you don’t need. Do not purchase anything that is not in your grocery list. Stick to it and pay the cashier then drive away.

(1) Cook in bulk and use leftovers.

There are many types of food you can prepare in bulk and then heat later on. For example, soup and bread may be cooked in big batches and then reheated later on.

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