Top 10 Unknown Facts About The Debated Icon Che Guevara

Che Guevara

This much debated iconic figure of communism and epitome of revolution has long been a topic for youth. Probably, he is the only political figure who is also the most popular fashion icon. In any part of the world if you are travelling, you will find the t-shirts with the bright red monochrome color with his iconic face on it. In spite of this popularity, Che Guevara was also harshly criticized for mass-killing and butchering. So whether you are a Che fan or critic, here are 10 unknown facts about this iconic figure.

10. Real ‘not-so-happening’ name

The name ‘Che Guevara’ can be a cult phrase, an emblem of new-age rebellion, or, in negative aspect, may invoke impression of a ruthless butcher. But the real name of this cult figure does not sound that much happening. It was Ernesto Lynch, the real name of the man which is neither heroic, nor demonic, nor poetic. The Lynch surname he acquired from his half Irish background

9. Smelly Che

You will be shocked to know that this famous youth icon used to be addressed as ‘Chancho’ that means pig for being stinky. Due to his involvement and dedication in politics, he seldom used to get the chance to bat; rather, he made it a proud habit. Also, he used to wear a shirt for a week before moving to the next.

8. Che, the nerd

Though his photos and posters may seem serious to the core, but the young Che was just the opposite. He was a Chess gem and had quite a reputation in local tournaments. He was passionate about poetry and often used to recite them, showed love for engineering as well as mathematics.

7. Not Cuban?

Yes, this Argentina born boy could never become a citizen of Cuba, although this is country he fought for and still remembered for, but the truth is he is a non-Cuban. Rather he belonged from a rich Irish family.

6. A doctor, may be?

The World Wide Web does not provide much information to back up this statement, but there is a saying that he earned his degree as Doctor of Medicine in 1953 with a specialization on Leprosy.

 5. Trip to America

Another surprising fact, Che visited US in 1964, to deliver a speech in the United Nations’ conference in New York. In his speech, he harshly criticized US’ policies on racism and questioned its self-proclamation as ‘guardians of freedom.’

4. Five Children

This apparently family man actually had two wives from whom he had five children, one from his first wife and the other four kids from Aleida March, his rebellious second wife.

Che Guevara

3. No Hands

His hands were cut off for fingerprint identification after his execution. Even his body was buried in some unknown place.

2. Ironic Icon

A grave truth, but it is fact that the person who fought for communism and against consumerism, became the biggest selling object of the decade. From bikini to tattoo, Che sells.

 1. Saint Che

He is worshiped in Cuba, Argentina, and elsewhere. Bolivian farmers gave him the name of ‘Saint Ernesto’ and made him a part of their regular prayer.