Top 10 Unhealthy Foods that You Frequently Eat

Pasta Top Ten UnHealthy Food

Everyone loves food and while most people know which foods are good for health and which will likely push their tummies out, few tend to care and think twice before digging into the very foods which are unhealthy. However, for the people who do care, there are a few misconceptions about some unhealthy foods which are thought to be healthy. See below for a list that we have compiled.

10. Vegetable oils

Most of us learned in chemistry class that the more liquid that is that we consume the healthier it is. This line is correct but what most people tend to forget is that even butter turns to liquid when heated. Most of the oils that fast food chains use are saturated (unhealthy) oils but they are liquid because there is a big flame blazing underneath.

9. Pasta

There are quite a few variations of this food; some are healthy and some not. However, in the Western countries at least, when you buy your average pack of noodles, spaghetti or macaroni, you are really just buying plain white flour mixed with eggs and water.

Pasta Top Ten UnHealthy Food

8. White bread

The ingredients are the same as pasta. In fact it is the same thing as pasta with a different shape and taste. If there is any bread that is good for health, it is brown bread.

7. Soup mix

Did you really think that that green powdered material is good for your health? Now you know it is not. There is plenty of salt in soup mixes and unfortunately salt is almost always overlooked as a risk factor in a lot of foods.

6. Ketchup

Ketchup once almost got accepted in the United States of America as a vegetable. Do not let this fact fool you. Most of the ketchup that is on the shelves of department stores is processed and non-organic and therefore unhealthy.

5. Diet soda

You probably knew that soda does not even come close to qualifying as a healthy food, or for that matter drink. However, some people are of the misconception that because it is called “diet”, it automatically helps you lose weight. There are some credible theories that diet soda stimulates the appetite, so you eat even more than you otherwise would.

4. Processed Cheese

It is quite common knowledge that cheese is unhealthy. This is quite true but processed cheese is not the same thing. Processed cheese is VERY unhealthy. This type of cheese, among other things, has a very high salt content. You can easily exceed the recommended daily salt intake by eating two or three slices.

3. Soy sauce

This is a bit of a surprise entry because soy sauce is eaten quite a lot in the Far Eastern countries. And people there seem to be quite healthy. Some studies show that chemicals included in soy sauce actually increase the risk of certain types of cancers.

Soy Sauce Unhealthy Food

2. Peanuts

Nuts and dry fruits are known to be quite healthy. Peanuts cannot exactly be called exceptions in the nuts category, but they are just not as healthy as most of the other nuts.

1. Fruit juice

Some people might not agree with this number one entry on this list, but there are actually quite a few good reasons for its inclusions. It is true that juices extracted from fruits contain plenty of vitamins, but the sugar concentration is quite high and most of the pulp and fiber is removed. So instead of drinking fruit juices, eat whole fruits.