Top 10 Tips For Budget Friendly Kiddie Parties

Kiddie Parties

Throwing a party for your kid is one of the best gift you could give him. He gets to treat his friends, play with them and spend a memorable day dedicated to him alone. It is indeed one of the best birthday gifts you could give. However, throwing a party is not that easy and it could be expensive as well. The key is on these money saving tips for kids’ parties.

(10) E-invites!

Printing invitations are very expensive most especially if they are colored and if you need a lot of pretty kinds of paper. So to save time and money and to be more environment friendly, just go for e-invitations. Everyone has a FaceBook or Instagram account anyway so just tag away!

(9) Generic Products

Don’t go for branded products. Go generic because they are cheaper. For instance, you don’t need to buy Disney branded paper plates and cups because you are going to throw them away after eating anyway. Go for brightly colored generic ones instead.

(8) List the Priorities

Since it is your child’s party, you will want to include lots of stuff such as food, entertainment, venue, sound system and so on and so forth. Prioritize and compare it to your budget. Do not go overboard. Just pay for what you can.

(7) Choose the Venue Carefully

First, you need to determine how many guests will be attending the party. If possible, just do the party at home. Spending for the venue is very expensive. It would be very impractical.

(6) DIY

There are many things you can do yourself. You don’t need to hire a party planner. You can make your own party hats, decorations, center pieces, giveaways and even loot bags! Use your creativity and you can even let your child help in.

(5) No Need to Hire a Clown

Clowns will just host the party anyway. You can do the hosting and you can let the kids play yourself. Just use the power of the internet and research for easy party games that does not require a lot of materials to save on cash.

(4) Do The Dirty Work

Clean up and carry. You can do all the dirty work with the help of dad, aunts and uncles and other family and friends. No need to hire a team to set up everything. Sound systems these days are very simple to arrange and decorations can easily be taken off especially if you were the one who prepared them.

Kiddie Parties

(3) Earlier Preparations are Cheaper

Don’t start preparing late, otherwise, you will end up rushing and paying for rush services. Plan ahead and start early.

(2) Keep Decorations Simple but Sweet

No need for expensive tarpaulins, too much lights and glitter. Sometimes, all you need are some craft paper, scissors and other art materials. You can use colorful sheets as drapes and you can blow the balloons yourself.

(1)   Do the cooking

Catering is one of the heaviest expenses on a party. Children are not so keen on great cooking just yet. Simple dishes such as cake, fried chicken, spaghetti and juice are enough to keep them full. Do the cooking and baking yourself. If you do this, you can cut your food cost by 50%.