Top 10 Tips For Aspiring Doctors

Aspiring Doctors

Medicine is one of the most sought after courses in the world. This is because of the many benefits a doctor can have aside from a fat paycheck. There are many specializations to choose from and it is always a learning experience. Here are top 10 tips for aspiring doctors out there.

(10) Check out Universities as early as possible.

There are many options for you to go to. Don’t just pick any university. Canvass the best and check out passing rates. This will make a big difference in your future career.

(9) Choose your pre-med course wisely.

Your pre-med course plays a big role in your med school life. Choose a pre-med course that puts your hands on with medical cases such as nursing, medical technology or pharmacy.

(8) Watch TV series related to medicine.

You have probably seen many TV series related to medicine such as House, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and the like. They can help a lot because the people behind these series are real doctors and the facts being stated are real as well.

(7) Volunteer at your community clinic or hospital.

First hand exposure and hands on practice will make you ready for your career. Experience is always the best teacher. During summers, volunteer at your local hospital or clinics so you can have an idea on actual patient handling cases.

(6) Start saving some cash.

Med school won’t be easy – this you already know. However, what makes the trip even harder is the fact that it will eat up your cash like crazy. You will need a lot of things and you will pay a lot for school so start saving up, or better yet look for scholarships.

(5) Hang out with medicine students.

Hanging out with present medicine students will give you an idea of what to expect. You can start borrowing their notes and reading through it as well. This way, you won’t get culture shocked if you hit the real med school yourself.

(4) Do a lot of advanced reading.

There is a lot of memorization to do. Thus, you better get started as early as possible. Books on medicine are available everywhere – the internet, garage sales, libraries and more. You have unlimited resources so use them very well.

Aspiring Doctors

(3) Be ready to dedicate your life to your course.

This is not a joke. Med school must be taken seriously, otherwise you will be wasting a lot of your time. If there are any hobbies taking too much of your time right now, be ready to set them aside. You will need to dedicate your life to medicine for a few years first.

(2) Stay motivated.

Being smart is not enough. You will need a lot of motivation in order to continue. Because the truth is, sleepless nights will be your life. Books will be for breakfast and deadlines will be for lunch. If you are not motivated enough, you will easily lose track.

(1) Prepare your reference letters.

To get into a good medicine school, you need a nice reference letter. Let someone who knows the real you make a reference letter for you because aside from making it impressive, it has to be genuine as well.