Top 10 Things which Men Can Do but Women Can’t

Top 10 Things which Men Can Do

Now ladies, please do not start raising your brows after reading the title of this article. This is just an honest list of things that men can do. Well at some point, women can also do some of the things listed but not the way the men can. Sometimes, the impact becomes different once a woman does it. Do not worry because it is sure that you will find a longer list somewhere of the things that only women can do.

10. Men can go topless even if they are not on the beach. For women, how many times have you seen the sculpted body of your male neighbor on a hot summer day? Some would say that even women can go topless while walking the streets like what feminist activists do, but it will surely cause a scandal.

9. Men can hold their booze in better. Oooooppppssss! No grudges against women. This is not a contest of who is better in what. It is just that men are bestowed genetically with the enzyme dehydrogenase that helps in breaking alcohol.

8. Men can be as hairy as they like and be proud of it. Aside from the fact that men are naturally hairy compared to women, our society is not yet ready to see women with legs almost as fury as bear. Women may try so and let us see what reaction she will get.

7. Men have keen spatial ability. It is said that men can view shapes and things better compared to women. This is the reason why math-related fields like engineering are dominated by men.

Top 10 Things which Men Can Do

6. Men can go skinhead as they like. Celebrities like Demi Moore and Natalie Portman sported their shaved heads, but they did it for Hollywood. Have you seen how Britney Spears looked like after shaving her head? It is enough proof that shaving heads is for men.

5. Men excel in playing sports.Football, basketball, boxing, etc. Name it and you will find women players but let them compete with menand you will see how amateur they seem. Again, this is due to the physical differences of men and women and not because men are superior.

4. Only men can fertilize egg cells. Do we need to say more?

3. Men have the convenience of emptying their bladder almost anywhere. For men, a long line in the urinal is not a problem even if they really need to empty their bladder right away. They could just find a tree and go.  Women have to unzip or pull down their undergarment before taking a pee but men just need to get their thing out, find some cover, and the problem is solved.

2. Men can stick themselves in the hole in between. They say that women can also do this with the help of things but only men can do it naturally.

1. Men still look sexy even at old age.The secret? Men are naturally oilier than women, which help them have lesser problem with wrinkles and appear younger than women.