Top 10 Things Required for a Relaxing Bath

Relaxing Bath

After a week of work at home or at office, everyone needs a time off to relax. And the best way to relax is to take a rejuvenating bath. But don’t forget to bring these essentials to your bathroom before you soak yourself. Before you get excited you need to make sure you won’t be disturbed or better yet if you’re a mother drop your kids at your friends place or your mother’s place.

1. Aroma Candles

These candles create a peaceful environment. You need to switch the lights off to make yourself feel relaxed. It soothes your senses and keeps you relaxed. Keep them far from your towel and curtains as well as your hands.

2. Exfoliating scrub

If you need some exfoliation take a scrub mask with you for your body. Your skin will look soft and new. All that dead skin will be gone and you will feel fresh.

3. Rose petals

Rose petals can also be used. Just throw in a handful of petals to soak in that wonderful aroma of petals. They also give a glow to your skin.

4. Music

It gets better if you play your favorite song, or something more melodious. But don’t bring it too close to the bathtub or else you’ll not only ruin your bath and might get shocked.

5. Pillow

Also to keep your head relaxed as well, take an inflated pillow with you. This way you can keep your head rested for better relaxation.

6. Food

Before you go in to take a bath, prepare some comfort food for yourself. It is also another good option if you feel hungry and have to get up in the middle of your bath. Just make sure you keep it just far so you can reach it but don’t drop it in your bath, otherwise you will smell like all the ingredients that you put in your food.

Relaxing Bath

7. Essential oil

Squeeze a drop or two of an essential oil in your bath water. This is also a useful yet very important thing to use while taking a bath. These come in all kind of aromas: lavender,

8. Facial mask

If you want to look good besides smelling good, prepare a facial mask that cleans all the dirty pores on your facial skin and makes it look fresh.

9. Moisturizer

Don’t forget to use moisturizer when you’re done with your bath. The lotion will help absorb all the moisture in your body while your skin is damp and keep your skin smooth and moisturized.

10. Cotton pads or Cucumber or sliced raw potato.

Soak in some cotton pads in ice water to keep it on your eyes. When you are just about to rest your head on that inflated pillow or any small pillow, place these cotton pads or cucumber or sliced raw potato on your eyes. This I think would be the cherry on top of your most relaxing and rejuvenating bath.