Top 10 Things Happy Souls do but in a Different Way

Happy Soul

There are happy souls, and there are unhappy souls inhibit this earth. Now, if someone asks you how you differ these two types of people, you can give them a thousand reasons like drooping face vs. a warm smile; behavior pattern etc. But here are 10 things that only happy souls do making them stand out in the crowd. So after reading this piece let me know in which category you would love to see yourself in.

10. Commitment towards goals: No matter what happens in their personal lives, happy souls tend not to drift away from their own commitments to the goals of life. No matter what comes in between they keep their chin up and head for achievement.

9. Live life to the fullest: Life is all about ups and downs. And happy souls accept this fact in all its forms. Hence they never miss a drop of wine life pours from its bottle. They take it; they savor it; and they enjoy it to the fullest.

8. One task at a time: It is called the flow experience. When someone is too engrossed in something, it seems that the time has stopped right at that moment waiting for your consent to start moving. Such a state comes when you commit to one task at a time and give it your undivided attention.

7. Let grudges slip away: It is the most difficult to holding on to grudges and paining yourself for someone else’s misdeeds. So happy souls know how to forgive easily and do not harbor any hard feelings or hatred towards anybody.

6. Learn to cope: It is not like happy souls never get hurt. But they make the difference by coping with the negative emotions in a better way. They develop strategies which help them save their hearts from any wound.

5. Value relationships: We are all social animals. So if we stop nurturing the relationships around us, we eventually end up being unhappy. Those who are happy know how to value every relationship and how to nourish them so that they never stink or perish in the due course of time.

4. Practice kindness: You do not have to be a Mother Teresa or His Holiness Dalai Lama to practice and peace kindness. Just help others when they are in need of it, but without expecting anything in return or for any vested interest, and you will automatically feel happy from within.

Happy Soul

3. Do not over-think: Too much thinking, unnecessary thinking, and weird thinking often make us unhappy. You think of someone as your competitor, and your mind is constantly at pressure of comparing the two of you. Once you stop this constant social comparison, you will be comfortable being yourself.

2. Practice optimism: Giving up is the biggest reason of unhappiness. Once you stop seeing the silver lining, you are bound to be unhappy. But happy souls find the silver lining, even in utmost darkness. That’s hope. That keeps you alive.

1. Express gratitude: Happy souls value what they have, instead of ranting about what they don’t have. And they thank life for being so kind.