Top 10 Questions Concerning Starting a Grocery Shopping Business

Grocery Shopping Business

Starting a grocery shopping business can be quite tricky if certain factors are not carefully put into consideration. It’s fun to run such a business because it will obviously help you earn an income as you help other people sort out their grocery issues. Probably you might be asking yourself various questions concerning this kind of business. Here are the top ten questions that you should ask yourself in order to get it right and invest wisely.

10. What does a grocery shopper exactly do?

A personal grocery shopper is basically a person who helps people who are probably too busy with their day to day lifestyles to an extent that they can’t find time to do their own grocery shopping. This means that you will be helping professionals, senior citizens and home bound people who either ill or handicap in doing grocery shopping.

9. What are the working hours of a grocery shopper?

The working hours are usually scheduled to match professional business hours. Although as a shopper you can decide on how to schedule your pricing and working hours in such a way that it suits your clients’ timetables. You can also plan yourself in such a way that you get paid for overtime hours.

Grocery Shopping Business

8. What is the cost of starting a grocery shopping business?

As a matter of fact, the most essential tools for doing this business are a vehicle and a reliable mobile phone. Currently, more and more grocery shoppers have started using computers, smart-phones and tablets in staying in touch with their various customers or clients. So, anything else that you may need will definitely cost you a few hundred dollars.

7. How much can one earn by offering these grocery shopping services?

Most professional grocery shoppers will charge their customers a fee based on the size of the order that a particular customer has made. Most pro grocery shoppers are used to charging affordable rates like $20 for a $150 grocery order. Although city or urban prices are typically higher than the rural rates, such prices can be equated to about $27 per hour.

6. Can a grocery shopper work part-time?

As a business owner, you are your own boss. It’s absolutely your prerogative to work as little or better still as much as you wish. In fact, you can choose to either make it your second time job or just a way of making some quick extra cash.

5. Does the grocery shopper need insurance?

Yes. You should consult with a reliable insurance company to cover your vehicle and other liability insurance for unexpected eventualities.

4. Does a grocery shopper require any form of special training?

No. Actually this is a simple small business enterprise and thus you don’t need and special skills in order to offer grocery shopping services. Of course some good etiquette and being well-organized is a plus in any business and hence not a special requirement. Compassion and kindness is obviously very essential when dealing with individuals who are homebound with diseases or with age.

3. How does a grocery shopper find new customers?

The most convenient way of finding new customers for your small business is through word-of-mouth. So, being a people person will help especially if you are also doing a good job. You can also advertise your services on senior centers or at grocery stores to increase your chances of getting customers for your business.

2. How much work does a shopper actually do?

Yes. Most professionals opt to using grocery shoppers so as to free enough leisure time in their busy schedules while seniors have no choice but to use the shoppers because they can’t manage to make regular trips to the grocery stores. So, with such a big population across the country, demand for these services is growing every single year. In other words, there is potentially loads of work to be done but you can only do what you can manage.

1. Can men become grocery shoppers?

Yes. It’s not surprising to find a number of men buying and delivering groceries in most towns across the country. If you enjoy helping people in an organized manner, regardless of your gender, you can start this business.