Top 10 Practical Uses of Peppers


Due to its hot taste, not all people are fans of chilli peppers when used in food. Aside from being an ingredient for the dishes that we eat, pepper has other uses. It contains capsaicin and this chemical gives its hot taste. This is also responsible for faster digestion. Because of these properties, the medical field have been doing continuous research in finding other uses for chilli peppers. Today, it is a major component in some weight loss products.

10. Debunking the common belief about causing indigestion

It may cause uneasy feeling inside your stomach, but the chemical capsaicin contained in peppers helps fight indigestion. This is contrary to what most people believe.

9. Peppers to spice up your appetite

Bell pepper is one of its kind because it does not contain any capsaicin. Those who are not into the hot taste of most chillies may opt for this. However, people who can’t stop themselves from wanting the unique sting of peppers to their mouth love the other varieties. It is said that spicy foods can increase the appetite of some people.

8. Main ingredient in granting you an instant spicy hot food

Peppers are mainly used in creating hot sauces. Through this, your favourite food could be chilli hot in an instant.

7. Organic Pest Control

Capsaicin, one of the main components of pepper, cause a burning sensation upon contact thus it serves as an effective insect repellent. Depending on the insect and the region where it is used, its effects vary from being a repellent to an insecticide.

6. Ensures Body Warmth

One interesting way people use pepper is to warm their bodies during cold weather. You just need to simply sprinkle pepper powder into your socks or shoes to keep your body warm while taking a walk during winter season. However, one must be sure to use only a small amount so not to experience a burning sensation.

5. Animal Control

In the same manner that it affects insects, pepper also is a good repellent for large animals. Given the fact that only humans are the only vertebrates who can eat peppers with capsaicin, pepper spray is an effective tool to use against squirrels and other rodents.

4.  Artistic Endeavours

Artists use unconventional materials to produce an original work of art. With its bright colours and various shapes, peppers along with a creative and imaginative mind can definitely become a work of art. Not to mention the automatic notion of preservation through the use of natural materials.


3. Self- Defense

Pepper sprays are widely used worldwide are self-defence mechanism to protect one’s self from an attacker in a dangerous situation. It is due to capsaicin, a substance that causes a burning sensation on contact with the body, that can be concentrated and its effects be multiplied to a hundred times depending on the concentration of the pepper spray.

2. Local Anesthesia

Capsaicin interferes with the substance P that causes pain to be dull. Substance P is a neurotransmitter in the spinal cord and the brain that causes pain. Capsaicin relieves pain by numbing the region to which it is applied and the only the burning sensation will remain.

1. Slimmer Body

Capsaicin increases metabolism, the breaking down of food to be processed into nutrients needed by the body, which will definitely help have a slimmer and healthier body.