Top 10 Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves

Everyone has a pet peeve, a few, actually. Humans that we are, we usually lose our temper on some things or situations. Here are the Top 10 most common pet peeves.

10. Signs and Symbols. Most people feel like breaking the signal lights and side mirrors of the vehicle of drivers who do not use signals when turning to a different direction. Others think that drivers with this bad habit should have never been issued a driving license at all.

9. The key. Typing loudly is sometimes understandable since keyboard really makes a sound when hit. However, as for the keypad of mobile phones, it is unnatural to have it make a tone when one can easily disable such feature. It is a key to some people’s irritation.

8. Drive them crazy. Another driving-related pet peeve is about drivers who cut others and then drive slowly. It drives other people nuts thinking that you the other driver wants to go ahead because he or she is in a hurry.

7. Steady on the wobble. Tables that are either made with unequal length of legs or are placed in an unleveled surface – wobbly tables are also causing people some stress. This is a pet peeve although some people find peace through placing folded paper or anything that can fill the existing space and stabilize the table.

6. Voice Command. People who read what they are typing or writing aloud is another pet peeve. It annoys other people wondering if the person reading aloud thinks that the computer or the pen has a voice command feature.

5. Grammar Nazi. Some people are bothered when others interchange the words “you’re” and “your”. This also applies to the words “we’re” and “were”, and “their” and “there”.

4. Uncovered. Aside from health reasons, there are also “grossness” reasons why others prefer that people cover their mouth when they are coughing. It is a sign of concern to other people, preventing the spreading of virus and it also shows manners. Now don’t forget who you represent.

Pet Peeves

3. Wide Open. Of course it is understandable that people have to open their mouth to take a bite of the food that they are eating. However, it does not apply to chewing. People who chew loudly, with an open mouth made it to the list of the top pet peeves because almost all people will agree that it is, indeed, annoying – except for the guilty ones, that is.

2. Out of line. With the exception of those who can’t really read, people get annoyed when people who used a grocery cart for shopping and filled it with different items go to the express line which is supposedly for those who bought maximum of ten items.

1. Spoiled. Yes, spoilers top all of these. This is the feeling that one gets when he or she endured the boring parts of the book or movie, then got all excited when conflicts arise and approaching the story’s climax, only to be told how it will end.