Top 10 Must-See Temples in Bangkok

Temples in Bangkok

There are over 400 temples in Bangkok but the more popular one include: Wat Arun, Wat PraKaew, and Wat Pho. However, there are many other Wats, which are a must see like the infamous David Beckham-Temple. There is really no way to visit them all at once but the following is a list of the 10 Must See temples when you visit Bangkok. Remember to bring your camera with you, and wear long-light pants, a nice tee shirt and proper shoes because some temples may not allow flip-flops for its visitors.

10. Wat Prayoon

The Wat Prayoon also called the Wat Rua-Lek, is on the western-side of the Chao-Praya riverbank. The temple’s most outstanding features are a turtle ‘mountain’, which houses spirit-houses, pagoda, and a pond where you can feed the turtles in it.

9. Wat Benjamabhopit (also called the Wat Benja)

The Wat Benjamabhopit, also called the Wat Benja was built in the reign of King Rama-V, back in 1900. It is nicked-named ‘The Marble-Temple’ because the external-walls of the main temple are covered with marbles that were imported from Italy. It is located near the government palaces and offices. This temple is highly revered and many high-ranked officials often visit this temple.

8. Wat Suthat

It is located in the Old-City area, east of the Royal-Field. The Wat Suthat, which is popularly known for its giant red swing at the entrance, is one of the oldest and the most impressive temples in Bangkok. It has wall-murals, chapel, and some door panels made of teakwood.

7. Wat Mahatat

The Wat Mahatat also called ‘Wat Mahathat-Yuwarajarangsarit-Rajaworamahavihara’ was built in the time of Ayutthaya. It is among the 10 royal-temples of the highest-class in Bangkok. It is used for various royal-ceremonies thanks to its strategic-location between Grand Palace and Royal Palace. Also located within this temple’s grounds is the oldest higher-education-institute for the Buddhist monks in Thailand, it also serves as an important centre for the study of Buddhism-and-meditation.

6. Loha Prasat

Among the many temples in Bangkok, the Loha Prasat definitely stands-out given its unique architectural-identity. It is also called the ‘Metal-Castle’. The Loha Prasat is located on the grounds of the Wat-Ratchanaddaram and it was submitted to the UNESCO Organization back in the year 2005 to become a world-heritage-site.

5. Wat Traimit

It is an elegant-multilevel white and gold-temple. It is located on Yaowarat road. Visiting this temple will allow you to see its Buddha, which is the main attraction of the temple and the largest in the world.

4. Wat Saket

The Wat Saket features the Golden Mountain. King Rama III first built this temple. However, the golden-chedi seen today was built in the reign of King Rama-IV and Rama-V.

3. Wat Arun

The Wat Arun is probably the most iconic-temple in Bangkok. It is located on Thonburi-side of Bangkok. The temple’s full name is ‘Wat Arun-Ratchawararam-Ratchawaramahawihan’, which is rather hard for one to remember so it’s often called the ‘Temple of Dawn’.

Temples in Bangkok

2. Wat Pho (also called the “Temple of the Reclining-Buddha”)

The Wat Pho was named after a monastery-in-India where Buddha is believed to have lived. It is one of the largest and oldest Buddhist-temples in Bangkok.

1. Wat PhraKaew (also called the “Temple of Emerald-Buddha”)

It is built within the grounds of the Grand-Palace. It is the most-important and the most-visited temple in Bangkok. The most-significant feature of the Wat PhraKaew is the Emerald-Buddha, which is carved into a 66cm tall block-of-Jade.