Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in 2012


Innovative Companies are highly valued in the stock market.

Why do we need innovation? Is it simply for combating the world challenges? This question often pops up in my curious mind for which I am eager to find a solution.

It’s quite interesting to see how the advent in technology continues to influence our lifestyle. A decade ago, nobody had a clue about the extent to which internet will evolve to produce social media websites and the famous Skype that are transforming imagination into a reality.


We all love technology, either directly or indirectly it benefits us. Innovation is a necessity to open doors of progress, today our classrooms and learning methodologies have greatly evolved with the advent in technology. We do not necessarily need to be in the university campus to attend our lectures thanks to the video conferencing, now students from foreign countries could attend and interact with a teacher during his live lectures. Innovation is just like the prerequisite for betterment of technology and its use.

Top 10 Innovative Companies

Here is an editorial recap of the most innovative companies in the year 2012 according to what they have done over the years to contribute towards economic and social prosperity. These companies follow a unique path unlike the other heritage companies that litter today’s business landscape.

Apple Inc

Surely Apple Inc. is the pick of the lot. Apple Inc has been dominating today’s computer and Smartphone market through deploying innovative best practices for others to follow. Apple iPhone has changed the way we think about a mobile phone. Apple Macbook and the innovative Mac OS X are a craze amongst laptop users. The company is still in the phase of registering patents for its inventions and the if we speak about the marketing practices, we could write a book on it.


Twitter changed our communication preferences, who knew the latest instant messaging service would soon become an effective communication tool. The growth speaks for itself, Twitter has been innovative by giving us a platform to share what we want easily on the go or anywhere. Its courtesy this free of cost available platform, now the fans can remain up to date with the latest happenings in a live match, conference, event. The celebrities tweet their updates, social activists convey their opinions all through this famous networking tool.


Who knew free video conferencing will have such a nice response among the masses. Skype is one of the best things over internet, there are several alternatives but none could match the elegance of this video conferencing tool. We could see the visuals and chat with people just like they are sitting next to us. This is indeed a dream come true and have personally eased up communication for many including myself.

Solar City

This company has been actively contributing towards the preservation of energy sources by brightening up the sun powered business. Without any government support or funding this company added 12,000 projects to far east coasts of America. Solar Energy is very essential and this company values it well.


The world’s third largest publicly traded internet company, Tencent has played a vital role in China’s internet boom. The company tapped social networking, games, apps and information portals. It now plans to enter western markets by purchasing a few already established enterprises and creating some of its own.


When Google landed its feet in the market back in 2002, we had no idea how easily it will be a household name. Google is one of the most innovative search engine, handling millions of search queries every day. The chase of Google is not ending be it Android, Gmail, Chrome OS or anything else innovation stands at the peak.


The largest internet based online store & marketplace is actively expanding. The famous Amazon Kindle fueled up reader interest in eBooks and electronic information journals. The recent addition of Amazon video streaming service suggests this company is preparing to conquer a vast market share.


The social media craze could easily be attributed towards Facebook, the leading social media website that has a wide impact on our lifestyle. Various studies suggest people use Facebook for sharing what they want with their network fellows. The value of Facebook as a company says it all.


Cloud Computing is the future, the team behind Salesforce realized this factor few years ago to stand amongst leaders in the industry. This company is one of the best nominated employers in America and has paved the way for advanced enterprise solutions. Cloud Computing is reliable, secure and inexpensive, hence growing at a fast pace.

Life Technologies

Life Technologies invented Ion Torrent, a semiconductor-based sequencer, This innovative devices allows scientists to map the strain’s genes in three days (others might have taken up to two weeks) and quickly develop a test to help identify the outbreak’s source.

Best Innovative Companies

Its good to see large companies following innovative practices to revolutionize their products and practices.