Top 10 Most Common Hobby Collections

Top 10 Most Common Collections

There are some people who love collecting items as a hobby. Items ranging from the most expensive ones to the cheapest ones that could give satisfaction and happiness are the most important for most collectors. This hobby of collecting things could have a positive or a negative outcome depending on what kind of collection thus the collector collects. If collecting pieces of jewels is your hobby, then this is something that could bring you positive outcome for jewels can be sold or auctioned for an even higher price in case you need cash or gets tired of it. Now, let’s us check some of the most common collections in the world in no particular order.

Coin Collection

Collecting coins is one of the most famous and common hobbies of young and old people. The reasons behind these collections are mostly because of pride and a sense of accomplishment and ownership. Collecting coins have some great advantages and some of which is the opportunity to learn the history of the coins, its geography, symbols and any political association. Coin collection is no doubt a great hobby to engage in.

Top 10 Most Common Collections

Card Collection

A card collection is not just for adults but also for kids and all ages. In fact, collection of cards is commendable especially for children for it bridges any generation and age gap between old and young people. For few people, they claimed that collecting baseball cards for instance could hone your mathematical skills because aside from counting the number of cards you already have, which requires basic adding skills, the card will encourage you to use your brain figuring the batting average of your favorite players and more. By doing this most of the time will definitely enhance your skills in mathematics plus is will strengthen your relationship with your children as anyone can relate to this kind of sports.

Toy Collection

Collecting toys is for both men and women, young and old. Depending on your age or preference, you can collect toys that will suite your age and likes. For example, if you’re interested in superheroes, then collecting superhero toys is perfect for you. If you’re still young and loves teddy bears, then collecting different teddy bears or even Barbie dolls is perfect. Small toy cars can also be collected for most boys and men too.

Car Collection

Collecting cars could be a very expensive hobby; this is common only to those rich and famous who want to have almost all the coolest cars ever invented on earth. This is a common collection for those wealthy people and celebrities.

Watch Collection

Depending on the persons taste, watch collection could be expensive or cheap at the same time. For those wealthy people, they are fond of collecting Rolex watches or any high end watches they can have their hands on. On the other hand, there are those who love collecting a brand of watches and one of the common is the “Hello Kitty” watches which most little girls would love to collect and display.

Shoe Collection

Collecting shoes could be considered as splurges of the rich people. As long as you have the money to buy your favorite brand of shoe then nothing’s wrong with it. However, there are also some who are not that rich yet managed to collect shoes which are not branded but looks great and are only for display. Aside from shoes, some teenagers are also fond of collecting flip flops of different brands.

Bag/Purse Collection

This kind of collection is mostly done by wealthy women who have the money to buy whatever brand of bags or purses found in the market. Some of the most common collections is the Hermes, Channel, Gucci, LV and a lot of designer bags.

Art Collection

Art collection involves the collection of paintings, pictures, sculptures, clays and a lot more. This kind of collection could also be pricey especially the paintings. One painting could be worth a thousand dollars especially if it was painted by a famous painter. Despite its pricey nature, there are a lot of people who loves art and would still want to collect beautiful pieces of it.

Stamp Collection

The hobby of collecting stamps can either be cheap or expensive depending on the collector. I’m sure you will wonder why collect stamps if there are other interesting things to collect, however stamps represent history. The history of the people and their places and even events are learned. Learning is not limited, it can be local stamps or international stamps, and it all depends on the collector.

Book/Comic Book Collection

Collection of books and comic books is fun and full of knowledge. These people are called as bookish who are fond of reading and collecting series of books. This hobby is more on self accomplishment as collectors finishes the story and jumps on another one. For young generation, collections of comic books especially super hero marvel comic books are the most common.

Start Collecting and Gain from It!

While other people and some kids are busy playing on Internet games, Xbox or Play Station, some are fond of collecting things which are worth their time and gives great knowledge in return. If you are given the chance to collect things, what would you like to collect and why? Whatever your reasons are, just remember to enjoy your hobby and gain something from it, whether monetary or not it doesn’t matter as long as you are satisfied with it.