Top 10 Menu Items of McDonalds that You Will Only Find in Specific Countries


The globalization paved way to different ways of conquering the world. It does not necessarily mean that they have to control directly the political and economic situation of a country. Fastfood chains are an example of this. Everywhere you go, you will see a bunch of chains that are familiar to you. McDonald’s have been known for standardizing it products. However, for the sake of profit, this company have risked to produce unfamiliar menu items tailored for the citizens of a specific place.

10. Have a taste of seafood with McLobster

New England and some parts of Canada have this in their menu. You could deduce from the name itself that it a sandwich that has a lobster in it. There was a time when the management thought of introducing it to their branches in the whole world.

9. The KiwiBurger without kiwi

Giving a name to your product is important because the customers will consider it when buying your item. McDonald’s in New Zealand introduced this burger way back in 1991. Unfortunately, it was always cancelled for giving disappointment to consumers because it does not contain any kiwi inside.

8. The deviating McShawarma

Branches in Israel offer this unique menu but it is different from the reputation of McDonald’s. The fastfood chain is known for giving the people the chance to enjoy their meal while chunking down those heart-molesting fats. Because it is a shawarma, the meat here is barbecued instead of fried.

7. Captivating the Asian’s with McRice Burger

The chains in Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines, and Indonesia have this on their menu list. The Southeast Asians are known as a rice-loving region. This prompt the management to create a burger that uses rice formed into buns instead of bread with your choice of chicken or beef in between.

6. Heart attacking spam and eggs

In the year 2002, McDonald’s fastfood chains in Hawaii started to offer meals consist of rice, eggs, and spam.

5. McTeriyaki Burger for the people of the sauce origin

It is easy to guess that this is served in Japan where the people love the teriyaki sauce. Well, it is a loved sauce anywhere in the world so there are questions why it is not offered in other branches around the world.

4. McCurry Pan tailored for Indians

Cow is holy for Indians and McDonald’s is known for selling foods made of beef. This lead to the creation of this menu where the curry that has a chicken version, is placed in a box made of bread.

3. McLaks for a healthier sandwich

In 1997, McDonald’s in Norway offered salmon burgers that aims to be somewhat healthier compared to other sandwiches.

2. The national dish, Gallo Pinto

Who would think that a multinational company would dare to serve in their fastfoodchain the national dish of a country? Executives of McDonald’s in Costa Rica did.

1. McWedding for your big day

For some, the menu for their wedding ceremony takes a lot of thinking. In Hongkong, this was made easier by offering McWedding where you could offer fries, burgers, pies, and shakes for your guests. This must mean that McDonald’s is really famous in Hongkong.