Top 10 Free Email Service Providers

Top 10 Free Email Service Providers Gmail

Email, ever since started becoming popular in the early nineties, has revolutionized the world of communication. No longer do you need to wait a week just for your letter to reach your destination. With a click of a button, you can now send documents and other files almost instantaneously. There was a time when a space of 4 MB was considered quite a lot and people were satisfied with it. Today, however, email space is talked about in the order of gigabytes.

Below is a list of 10 free email service providers that users are the most satisfied with.

10. ShortMail

Think of this as the private version of Twitter. In ShortMail, you can only send and receive 500 characters. Email messages are required to be short and to-the-point. It works on different mobile operating systems including iPhone and Android.


You get a space of 5 gigabytes for the storage of emails. The layout of the interface can be changed according to your choice. You also have the option of selecting an RSS feeds that suit your needs.

8. Hushmail

This is another email service that should highly consider making an account on. You get 25 megabytes of storage on their free version. It can easily be integrated with iOS, Android or Blackberry.

7. Fastmail

Being online for 10 years now, Fastmail have some experience in the industry. Their junk mail filtering system is quite reliable and their free account gives 25 megabytes of storage and your account will be deleted if you are inactive for 120 days.

6. GMX

This may not be as popular as some of the other email service providers but it certainly does the job the same way as the rest if not better. The storage capacity is unlimited and an attachment can size up to 50 MB as opposed to 25 MB that most of the mainstream email providers limit you to.

5. Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Mail has recently been going through a few updates and what they have come with is truly amazing. The effective spam filtering system will ensure you only get important emails in your inbox. The email storage is unlimited and there is also the option of text messaging and chat.


There are quite a few features that offer and most of them are very useful. For example, you get to choose not only your username but also your domain name from a list of over 200 names. You can create your account in the format The default is

3. (previously Hotmail)

Microsoft’s Hotmail had been evolving for a few years now and this final product is really something to try. The user interface is very neat and tidy and there are no ads to disturb you.

2. Zoho Mail

This is aimed at professionals and is optimized for use with touch screens and tablets. Your privacy is protected and no ads are displayed. This service, unlike some others, does not even scan your email for keywords to display ads.

Top 10 Free Email Service Providers Gmail

1. Gmail

It is, as most people would agree, the best email service that exists out there on the internet. There is a storage capacity of 10 GB that keeps on increasing 24/7 and the spam filters are quite effective. There are mobile optimized versions for different mobile operating systems too.