Top 10 Football Players Ranking 2012

Lionel Messi

Football (Soccer) is probably the most popular and highly played game across the globe. According to an estimate almost 250 Million players in over 200 countries take this sport seriously.

Top 10 Football Players Ranking 2012

What happens during a Football Game?. Millions of crazy fans are pushed towards the edge of their seat in excitement, who could miss the chanting, the thrill, the drama and the suspense.

A great footballer is blessed with natural talent, they all have some adorable & unique skills but after reviewing legendary soccer stars we figured out a few things common such as running speed, sound technique, excellent control over the ball, star power and the ability to win games for their team.

Football Enthusiasts across the world have emotional attachment towards their favorite soccer stars. A large number of fans follow and support Manchester United probably the most popular team in English Premiere League. Today we have with us “Top 10 Football Players Ranking 2012″ or precisely the most influential soccer players in 2012.

1- Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is the Argentine Footballer who represents Argentine National Football Team and FC Barcelona as a striker. Being the heartthrob for millions of crazy fans he is one of the most followed Footballers in the world today.

Lionel Messi was born on 24 June 1987 and at such a young age he has won FIFA Player of the World title in 2009, 2010-2011 UEFA Best Player in Europe Award and FIFA Ballon d’Or for two consecutive years in addition to many other accolades. His strengths are shooting, rotating the ball, excellent control and very fast running speed. Despite all the buzz his performance speaks for itself. Lionel Messi is definitely the best soccer player in the world today.

2- Xavi

Xavier Hernández

Xavier Hernández (born on 25 January 1980) is a Spanish Football Player who represents FC Barcelona as a central Midfielder. Since his international debut in year 2000 he has been capped 108 times for Spanish National Football Team. A sublime technician, Xavi is known for excellent passing and retaining ball possession in tight pressure situations.

3- Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo

Born on 5th February 1985, Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portugese Footballer who plays as a winger and striker for Spanish Football Club Real Madrid while Captains Portuguese National Football Team. He is excellent shooter and controls the ball well to score goals. He won FIFA world Player of the year in 2008 and has a huge fan base across the world.

4- Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney was born in October 1985 in England and currently enjoys the title of being the Country’s Best Football Player. Rooney appeared on international scene in 2003 and since than represented English National Football Team in 2006 FIFA World Cup and 2010 FIFA World Cup. Rooney represents one of the highly followed Football club Manchester United.

5- Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is an International Footballer who captains Sweden National Football Team. He was born on 03 October 1981 and kick started his career somewhere in late 1990’s. He represents AC Milan and in the preceding season was worth €24 million making him one of the highest paid soccer players in the world.

6- Kaka

Ricardo “Kaka” Izecson

Ricardo Izecson commonly known as “Kaka” is an International Soccer Player hailing from Brazil. Born on 22 April 1982 he currently represents Brazil National Football Team and plays as a Central Midfielder for Real Madrid.

He has a huge fan followers base and is the only sports person to ever grab a record breaking 10 Million followers on famous social networking website Twitter. He won the FIFA world Player of the year award in 2007.

7- Andres Iniesta

Andres Iniesta

Andres Iniesta (born on 11 May 1984) is a Spanish Footballer who plays as a Central Midfielder for FC Barcelona and Spanish National Team. He was the key member of the 2010 FIFA World Cup winning Spanish side.

8- Robin van Persie

Van Persie

Robin van Persie is a Dutch Footballer who was born on 6 August 1983. He plays for Arsenal as the striker and key strengths include ability to nudge ball forward, great control over ball while attacking and the tricky moves to dodge opposition defenders.

9- Didier Drogba

Didier Drogba

Didier Drogba (born on 11 March 1978) is an Ivorian Footballer who represents Chelsea as a Center Forward in Premiere League. He is the captain of Côte d’Ivoire National Football Team. Although he was unable to score too many goals in the last season but definitely is the backbone of Chelsea and showcases his form when playing for his home country. The prominent qualities include physical strength, ability to control ball in the air, and his power to retain possession of the ball during pressure situations.

10- Sergio Agüero

Sergio Aguero

Born in June 1988 Sergio Agüero is an Argentinian National Team Player who represents Manchester City in English Premiere League. He has represented Argentina in FIFA 2010 World Cup and Copa America 2011.

Additional Information

Here are three more players who are expected to be in the limelight for 2012.

Mario Gomez

Mario Gomez

Born on 10 July 1985 Mario Gómez García is a German Footballer who represents FC Bayern Munich a German Football Club and the German National Football Team.

Franck Ribery

Franck Ribery

Franck Ribery is a French International Footballer who represents French National Team and German Club Bayern Munich. He is a fast tricky and excellent dribbler who has solid control over the ball and his feet.

David Silva

David Silva

David Silva was born on 8 January 1986 is Spanish Footballer who represents Spanish National Football Team and Manchester City Club. He has represented Spain in Euro 2008 and victorious FIFA World Cup 2010.

These were the stars who have mesmerized their fans across the globe via their exceptional performance. Hope to have a great Football season in 2012. Keep your texts rolling in for supporting your favorite stars.

  • Salvatore

    Lionel Messi L E G E N D

  • absol dark

    sergio aguero was born in the year 1988 and not 1998

  • rishit bolia

    ronaldo must be on the top

  • Agani

    ronaldo is the best

  • jiong zhang

    Ronaldo must be in the Second place.

  • Mandor Bassey

    Lionel Missi is simply d very best and 2nd 2 none

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    messi is the best ronaldo sucks

  • osman

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic! One of the best. maybe even the best.

  • jawad

    messi and silva is best

  • gtahundert

    Wayne Rooney should be the second and Didier Drogba the third


    Torres should be 1st .

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    east or west ronaldo`s best


    Messi is good but ronaldo is best