Top 10 Fastest Computers in 2012

IBM Sequoia

The list of fastest computers in 2012 according to their processing capabilities.

Fastest Computers

The fastest computers are commonly known as super computers. These computers are enormous, rare, expensive and mostly held for research and academic purposes. It won’t be surprising to learn, the leading super computers have powerful processing capacity and whopping calculation speed measured in PetaFlop/s (PetaFlop is a thousand trillion floating point operations per second).

Top 10 Fastest Computers 2012

The website biannually reviews the fastest computers in the world. Here are the Top 10 Fastest Computers in 2012.

01- IBM Sequoia

IBM Sequoia

Released in the year 2012, IBM Sequoia is one of the most energy efficient supercomputer in today’s time. The computer is equipped with IBM BlueGene/Q system and is currently installed at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

During the speed tests this device registered an impressive speed of 16.32 PFlop/s on the Linpack Benchmark using 1,572,864 cores.

Country: United States of America
Manufacturer: IBM
Cores: 1572864
Power: 7890.00 kW
Memory: 1572864 GB
Interconnect: Custom
Operating System: Linux

02- K Computer Fujitsu

k computer Fujitsu

The Japanese Computer named “K Computer” is runners up in our list. This super computer is manufactured the famous brand Fujistu and currently installed at RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science (AICS) in Kobe, Japan. During the tests this computer achieved 10.51 PFlop/s on the Linpack Benchmark using 705,024 SPARC64 processing cores.

Country: Japan
Manufacturer: Fujitsu
Cores: 705024
Power: 12659.89 kW
Memory: 1410048 GB
Interconnect: Custom
Operating System: Linux

03- Mira

Mira Super Computer Blue Gene Q

The American supercomputer “Mira” has been developed by innovative company IBM. Running on Linux this computer is equipped with IBM BlueGene/Q system. The system is installed at Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois. During the speed tests this device reached 8.15 PFlop/s on the Linpack Benchmark using 786,432 processing cores.

Manufacturer: IBM
Cores: 786432
Power: 3945.00 kW:
Interconnect: Custom
Operating System: Linux
Country: United States

04- SuperMUC


The SuperMUC, German Computer manufactured by IBM takes fourth spot in the list. Installed at Leibniz Rechenzentrum site in Germany this machine is based on IBM iDataplex system. The SuperMUC could reach the speed of 2.89 PFlop/s using 147456 processing cores.

Manufacturer: IBM
Cores: 147456
Power: 3422.67 kW
Interconnect: Infiniband FDR
Operating System: Linux
Country: Germany

05- Tianhe 1A

Tianhe 1A

The powerful computer, Tianhe 1A is installed at the National Supercomputing Center in Tianjin China. The computer is manufactured by NUDT and has a large 229,376 GB RAM. The speed tests suggest it could perform at 2.566 PetaFlop/s.

Country: China
Manufacturer: NUDT
Cores: 186368
Power: 4040.00 kW
Memory: 229376 GB
Interconnect: Proprietary
Operating System: Linux

06- Jaguar

jaguar computer

Another fast computer owned by USA “Jaguar” is manufactured by Cray Inc and installed in DOE/SC/Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The computer is fast and could reach a processing speed of 19.41 PetaFlop/s.

Manufacturer: Cray Inc.
Cores: 298592
Power: 5142.00 kW
Memory: 598016 GB
Interconnect: Cray Gemini interconnect
Operating System: Cray Linux Environment

07- Fermi

Fermi fast computer

This is the first time an Italian machine is featured among the fastest supercomputers. Manufactured by IBM, “Fermi” is installed in CINECA Italy. Running on the speedy IBM BlueGene/Q Systems technology this computer could perform 1.72 PetaFlop/s.

Country: Italy
Manufacturer: IBM
Cores: 163840
Power: 821.88 kW
Interconnect: Custom
Operating System: Linux

08- JuQueen

juqueen computer germany

The computer JuQueen is installed at the Forschungszentrum Juelich (FZJ) site in Germany. Just like its counterparts this machine has been produced by IBM (one of the most innovative technology companies in the world) and runs on BlueGene/Q systems technology. The computer could reach a speed of 1.38 PFlop/s using 131072 processing cores.

Installation Site: Forschungszentrum Juelich (FZJ)
Manufacturer: IBM
Cores: 131072
Power: 657.50 kW
Interconnect: Custom
Operating System: Linux

09- Curie Thin Nodes

curie super computer

“Curie Thin Nodes” is a fast machine installed in the site of CEA/TGCC-GENCI France. The supercomputer is powered by the operating system “bullx SUperCOmputer Suite A.E.2” and has a tendency to perform at 1.35 PetaFlop per second.

Manufacturer: Bull SA
Cores: 77184
Power: 2251.00 kW
Memory: 308736 GB
Interconnect: Infiniband QDR
Operating System: bullx SUperCOmputer Suite A.E.2.1

10- Nebulae

nebulae supercomputer china

The Chinese machine “Nebulae” rank amongst the supercomputers of 2012. Centered in National Supercomputing Center in Shenzhen (NSCS) this machine could perform at 1.27 PFlop/s.

Manufacturer: Dawning
Cores: 120640
Power: 2580.00 kW
Interconnect: Infiniband QDR
Operating System: Linux.

Fastest Computers

The list is largely dominated by IBM manufactured computers. Moreover according to the statistics a large number of fast computers are owned by United States of America. It was a nice experience for me to compile such useful and interesting list. The data in the list is referenced from Top500 and all credit goes to the original authors for reviewing all the above mentioned machines. If you have any further information regarding fast computers than drop in a comment below.

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