Top 10 Easiest Jobs on Earth

Top 10 Easiest Jobs on Earth

Have you ever wished to have a chance and work on one of the easiest jobs in the world? Most employed people claimed that there work is stressful and they can’t take it any longer. However, there are some lucky people who end up working on one of the easiest jobs on Earth. Here are the top 10 easiest jobs known to mankind.

Food Tester

Top 10 Easiest Jobs on Earth

Being a food tester is one of the easiest jobs on earth. Aside from being easy, it comes with a good pay too. It is said that food testers are usually paid $40,000 to $50,000 just to try varieties of food in a given year. Amazing isn’t it? You are paid to eat!


The nature of this job if you’re a book worm type of person is just heaven. You get to relax, sit and list the books that are borrowed and returned. The best part of this job is you get to work in a very quiet environment. What more can you asked for? Less stressful and you have all the time in the world to read!

Personal Trainer

For some, this is a stressful work but the truth is, trainers love their work and it’s quite easy. They simply assist health enthusiasts to gain or lose weight. As a personal trainer, you will have to create a workout plan and let your client do all the hard work. The plus factor is, you get to be paid a good amount of money.

Elevator Operator

Being an elevator operator is also one of the easiest jobs on earth. Simply ride the elevator up and down, control it and that’s it. You get to sit inside the elevator and simply push some buttons.


Another easy job to do but require skills and talent is being a photographer. It’s fun, not that stressful and all you have to do is point and shoot. Sometimes, you get to travel and its all expense paid. Easy and fun, these are the main perks of being a photographer.

Tour Guide

Guiding tourists in certain places, explaining some of its history and other facts is one of the easiest jobs on earth too. Aside from you get a chance to travel, you also get to meet a lot of people and tourists which might like you and offer good opportunities. This job requires people person skills and those that have the ability to get along with other people easily.

Shop Attendant/Keeper

Managing a shop is quite easy as long as you don’t really do all the inventory tasks. There are those who simply stays on the shop, do some public service like attending to customers questions and to the cashier tasks and at the end of the day you get to go home without anything to worry. Although this is easy, there are dangers to this kind of job such as prone to rubbers and other shoplifters. Overall, this job is easy to fulfil.


Being an announcer is also easy, may it be in a radio station, in a bingo session, and in the shopping mall. Being an announcer doesn’t really require stressful things aside from having a modulated and good voice.

Salon Secretary

Being a salon secretary for most women is like a dream job too, except for the pay of course. This job is not stressful, it can be done routinely, only requires common sense and you get to meet a lot of rich people if you’re working in a well known salon. The only negative part of this job is the pay and the boredom you’ll experience.


Being an artist is probably the easiest among all jobs. Artists get to express themselves through art, either painting, sculpting, and a lot more. This job is enjoyable and can sometimes bring in enough amount of money especially if you are a well known artist. This job is simply laid back and fun.