Top 10 Deadliest Submarines in the World


Very few people can see a submarine, because it mostly performs its work under the water. Being hidden from the world, it plays major roles in defending any nation from under water attacks.

10. Virginia Class-United States: This submarine includes high-resolution cameras, infrared laser, light intensification and an infrared sensor. Virginia is intended to replace the Los Angeles class and combine with electronic support measure, that makes it more advanced as telescoping photonic masts were used instead of the normal periscope. It has the top speed of 25 knots and have unlimited range and endurance.

9. An Akula II class- Russia: It is the first submarine which really worries US because of its noise reduction system. There are 15 units of this class only 9 are presently active in the Russian navy. The top speed of this submarine is 12 knots on surface and 33 knots when submerged. Its range is unlimited with 100 days endurance and can carry 4 torpedo tubes or missiles.


8. Saewolf Class- US: The top speed of this submarine is 18 knots on surface and 35 knots when submerged. It is a modified version of Los Angeles class and can carry 8 torpedo tubes or cruise missiles. It has unlimited range and can also carry up to 100 mines.

7. Astute Class- United Kingdom: The operations conducted by this submarine are considered more complicated than a space shutter. Its top speed is 29 knots and it is marked as one of the most powerful submarine of Royal Navy, United Kingdom for nuclear attack. The submarine boasts anup to dateunder pressure water reactor and can hold 38 torpedoes.

6. Type 096 Shang Class-China: This submarine has an endurance of 80 days and armed with Yj-82 anti-ship missile. There are presently three units in Chinese Navy and some are going to add soon.

5. Trafalgar Class- United Kingdom: Out of seven units, six are still serving UK navy. This submarine can carry 5 torpedo tubes and has a top speed of 30 knots.

4. Sierra Class-Russia: The Soviet Union has built four units of this submarine but only two are currently serving. It has an endurance of more than 200 days with unlimited range. It boasts of titanium hull, which allow it to dive deeper into the ocean and can carry Samson cruise missiles.

3. Victor III Class-Russia: The Soviet Union built 48 Victor III class submarines, but presently using only four. This submarine can carry two starfish anti-submarine missiles, stallion missiles, 18 torpedoes and 6 bow tubes. It is also capable of carrying 36 ground mines.

2. Rubis Class-France: The top speed of this missile is 25 knots and has a refueling range of over 20 years. This submarine is introduced in year 1979 and can lay out mines. It is considered as the first generations of the nuclear attack submarine.

1. Los Angeles Class-United States: Out of 62 unite 44 units of Los Angles Class are presently in service and have top speed of 20knots. It can carry land attack missiles, anti-surface ship missiles, Mk60 captor missiles and mine laying Mk67’s.