Top 10 Car Racing Games in 2012


Car Racing Games are a delight for racing enthusiasts. Be it the school or workplace, we love car racing games for all the thrill, excitement and real life graphics. In short the ”Ultimate Driving Experience” that we miss in real life is all provided by car racing games.

Top 10 Car Racing Games

The sheer number of available options sometimes makes it harder to pick the right one; we have compiled a list of best car racing games to play in 2012.

1- Forza Motorsport 4


Don’t forget to fasten your seat belts before entering into the atmosphere a realistic car racing adventure. This game allows the drivers to explore the components of their own cars before devising a racing strategy. The cons are no weather conditions or night mode but at the end of the day this game is our pick for the year. This game can only be played on Xbox 360 but performs better than others of similar nature.

2- Burnout Paradise


If you like freestyle racing than you got to give this one a try. Burnout Paradise has differentiated itself from its counterparts through awesome visuals and unusual racing plans. The action packed racing experience allows you burning and crashing giving a sense of destructive freedom. The game could only be played on Xbox 360, Personal Computer or PlayStation 3.

3- Need for Speed Hot Pursuit


One of the most engaging arcade style racing games, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit has to offer much more than simple racing experience. The game has the option to opt as an illegal driver where the police, dangerous roads and fellow racers chase you down the lane. This game rewards those drivers who risk driving dangerously.

4- Gran Turismo 5


The fifth version of the game was unveiled a few months back, what’s common is the innovative racing style. The game can only be played with PlayStation 3, allowing 16 racers to compete online having the race of their life.

5- Midnight Club II


Inspired by the 2001, Hollywood racing flick “Fast and Furious”, this game offers some powerful thrilling features in a gigantic city like environment. This game gives us a feel of racing movies on our very own gaming consoles.

6- Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed


Need for Speed is a well known name that I personally heard while growing up. Fans across the globe anxiously wait to get an experience over this thrilling game. EA Sports have rolled out the 20th edition of the game with amazing graphics and game play making it even more valuable than before.

7- Dirt 3


The game gives an awesome experience of rally style racing in the deserts of Middle East. The racers have to drive through unpaved roads and move through various obstructions having a pleasant racing experience. The admirable presentation and unique game play are a big attraction towards the game.

8- F1 2012


If you are a fan of Formula 1 Racing than you have to check out F1 2012. The game lets the player experience entire F1 season with twelve teams, twenty four drivers and twenty circuits. The game has a realistic feel with excellent graphics, sounds and racing tracks. This game is compatible to work with Microsoft Windows, X Box 360 and PlayStation 3.

9- Blur Game


This arcade game is designed to give the gamers a realistic feel of street style car racing. Now you can drive through the admirable real life streets of London and Los Angeles. Some of the adorable features include multiplayer mode, power ups, rewards system and fan points. The game could be played on Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

10- Test Drive Unlimited 2


If you like open world driving, than you must try Test Drive Unlimited 2. The game is designed for those geeks who want to enjoy comfortable driving experience on their gaming machines.

Top Car Racing Games

Overall the use of 3D Technology and HD Sound are making racing games closer towards the reality. Racing Games are a fever; they can be an addiction for teenagers who anxiously wait for the updated version of their favorite racing game. Have your say regarding these car racing games in the comments section below.