Top 10 Best Hollywood Movies of Recent Years


There have been quite a few entertaining movies in recent times. From comedy to horror, every genre has been covered by Hollywood and the past few years have been really fruitful with quite a few movies that were enjoyed by the watchers. Below is a list of top recently released movies that were thoroughly enjoyed by the watchers.

10. 21 Jump Street (2012)

This comedy quite effectively combines the elements of crime and high school humor. Two undercover cops are sent to a high school to investigate the origins of a new synthetic drug called HFS, which has recently started making the rounds of a high school.


9. Next Three Days (2010)

A very realistic movie which is about the reaction of a trusting and loving husband after his wife is convicted of murder. The husband refuses to believe his wife is a killer and takes extraordinary measures to take justice into his own hands.

8. Flight (2012)

There are few Denzel Washington films that have a disappointing or not so interesting story. In flight, Washington’s character manages to inflict a minimum amount of casualties after crashing a plane. However, his drinking problem comes into play during the investigation of the six people who did die in the crash.

7. Men in Black III (2012)

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones return as Agents J and K in this alien invasion comedy. The evil Boris from another planet goes back in time and kills Agent K. Agent J must follow him, save Agent K and in the process protecting the Earth from disaster.

6. Real Steel (2011)

In a world where robot boxing is a premiere frontline sport, a father obsessed with it sets out with his long lost son on the road to challenging the most powerful bots in the circles.

5. A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas (2011)

Arguably one of the best Christmas comedies of all time, A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas brings back stoners Harold and Kumar. Kumar is still the loser that he pretends to be and Harold has moved up in his life. This is the Christmas story of how they get back together.

4. American Reunion (2012)

The latest slice of the delicious American Pie, which started out in 1999, sees the five guys in their professional lives and organize a reunion to live their high school days once again if only for a weekend.

3. Looper (2012)

A story of the future when it is no longer possible to kill people and get away with it! The big crime syndicates instead send the people they want to kill in the past and hire “Loopers” to kill them and dispose of the body.


2. Fast Five (2011)

The fifth part of the hugely successful Fast and Furious series, Fast Five brings back all of the main characters from the first and the second movie. They form a team to take on the biggest and most powerful gangster in Rio.

1. Inception (2010)

Leonardo DiCaprio stars in this science fiction movie in which people are able to share dreams. In order to go back home to his family, DiCaprio’s character has to pull off an almost impossible job of planting an idea into someone else mind.