3 Off Page SEO Techniques to rank higher in Google


Google pays a lot of importance to Off Page SEO Techniques when ordering its search results. The Off Page SEO is usually concerned with creating as many high quality inbound links pointing towards a website. The incoming links largely influence the link juice and page rank of a website which is a strong factor alongside 200+ others utilized by Google in judging the authority of a website.


I have personally seen many webmasters and SEO Experts limiting their endeavors in creating links towards a website ignoring other important SEO Techniques that largely influence Google SERP’s.

Here are three useful Off Page SEO tactics that work after Google Panda and Google Penguin Algorithm updates.

1- Social Media Marketing

Social Signals play a vital role in improving the search engine rankings of a website. The head of web spam team at Google, Matt Cutts has spoken many times how important social signals are for a website’s ranking. In this era of social media people will be tempted to share your content with their social contacts if it’s useful and interesting.

According to experiments and surveys conducted by some big fishes in SEO Industry, Google pays a lot of weight to the volume of Facebook Shares and Facebook Likes a website generates. Next to Facebook comes Twitter, the more Twitter Backlinks you have, the more are you convincing Google to rank you higher.

Despite the entire buzz, Google still considers incoming links a strong factor when awarding search engine rankings. The more FB Shares and Retweets you have for your content, higher are the search engine rankings especially in the US. Don’t ignore Google +, Reddit, Pinterest and Stumble Upon. If your story pops into the front page of Pinterest or Reddit than you may get mentions and natural links from high authority websites.

2- Be an Influential Voice

Gone are days, when spamming links over low quality websites earned you a high ranking in Google Search Results. The last two years have been really hard for internet marketing. Google is evolving to make itself the best available search resource over the planet internet. Google now mentions some information regarding anything popular on its own search results page distracting users from opening any of the websites they view as search results.

Although Google is hard upon webmasters but not for well known brands, networking plays an important role in improving the image and reputation of a website. If you connect on various forums, offer help to other users, regularly post comments and join social media groups discussing your website niche you will end up getting high quality links and a solid brand reputation for your website.

3- Guest Posting

Guest Posting is probably the best methodology to manually create links. You need to search the blogs that accept Guest Articles and than create some high quality articles to ensure you get the maximum out of your efforts. The Guest Article is a win-win situation where it adds some valuable content to host website whilst on the other hand it helps the guest author earn valuable natural backlinks and an inflow of traffic that may convert well.

How to Write Guest Posts on Popular Blog’s

Beware don’t post articles on websites that accept low quality content as they are reciprocal to content farms and paid article directories that are a prime target for Google Panda and Google Penguin updates.

I hope my tips helped you out, if you are confused or want to ask anything else regarding off page seo just don’t forget to roll in your comments below.