Top 10 Most Expensive Places to Live in 2013


Some readers are curious to learn about the top most expensive places to live in the world. Imagine living in an expensive place when the Global Economic Recession, Financial Meltdown, Europe’s Debt Crisis, Slow Growth in US and Arab Springs has left many jobless while many others on the verge of losing their Jobs.

You might be eager to learn more about these expensive places so here are the top 10 expensive cities in 2012.

1- Tokyo – Japan


Being the most expensive place to live, Tokyo tops our charts. The Capital City of Japan, Tokyo is the business and financial Capital for Asia. The city is one of the most densely populated one’s in the list.

The overall living costs such as food expenses and transportation charges have risen this year. Tokyo is one of the most important destinations for expatriates to settle in for a Job.

2- Luanda – Angola


A hot market to invest, Luanda has seen investments from large corporations based all over the world. The second largest oil producer in Africa, Angola is home to expatriates serving in the oil industry sector. Overall the city has a developing infrastructure and high living costs.

3- N’ Djamena, Chad


The Capital City and Economic Hub for Central African Country Chad, N’Djamena has seemed many foreigners due to developing oil industry. The costs of living have increased a lot compared to preceding years.

4- Moscow – Russia


The Capital City of Russia, Moscow is of prime importance to local & overseas workers. The high costs of transportation, safety and housing rentals make it an expensive place to live. This city is situated in Europe while Russia is mostly considered to be the largest country in the world according to area size and its physical location make it Eurasian Country.

5- Geneva – Switzerland

Geneva Switzerland

The most expensive metropolitan area of Switzerland, Geneva is home to popular international organizations such as United Nations, World Trade Organization and Red Cross. The city has modern infrastructure, beautiful views for tourists and some good employment opportunities for expatriates. The appreciation of local currency has inflated housing rentals and other expenses.

6- Osaka – Japan

Osaka Japan

Osaka is the second largest city in Japan, it is a very densely populated city where accommodation remains a major problem. The roads see almost 1.1 Million passengers commuting on a daily basis, the apartments available for rent are very few in numbers making rent demands too high. Osaka is home for many local citizens and expatriates, as it is of vital importance in the viewpoint of industry where it is home to almost 44,000 manufacturers. In the recent years the local currency Japanese Yen has strengthened against US Dollar inflating the overall living costs.

7- Zurich – Switzerland

Zurich Switzerland

Zurich is a beautiful city of the European Country “Switzerland”. The standards of living are high and the low tax rates make it a suitable destination for big corporations to incorporate their offices. The city is vibrant and attracts large volume of tourists; the strengthening of Swiss Franc against US Dollar has made it an expensive city to live.

8- Singapore


Singapore is another Asian country of prime importance. Singapore has a modern infrastructure and is known for its exports all over the world. The costs of living here are high due to it being a financial center, but positive aspect is the annual salaries. Owning a car is also difficult as you have to pay for the cost of vehicle and also the license permit to keep one. Singapore has a lot of expatriates that earn more than their counterparts in similar Asian countries making it a hot place to hunt a suitable job.

9- Hong Kong

Hong Kong

The Chinese Territory Hong Kong has been ranked as the ninth most expensive place to live. This place is beautiful with lots of amusement and entertainment opportunities that attract tourists from around the world. Some professionals also rate Hong Kong as one of the hot markets for real estate business.
Being a Financial Center for many Corporations, this place is of importance to Business Executives and Expatriates. The costs of renting a two bed apartment have climbed up to $7,000 which is very least affordable by many. Overall Hong Kong is expensive in terms of transportation charges, food expenses and housing rentals.

10- Sao Paulo – Brazil

Sao Paulo Brazil

Sao Paulo is an important city of Brazil. It is known for tall buildings and strong economy. Being the most populated and largest city of Brazil this city is expensive to survive at as long as overall living costs are considered.

Editor’s Review

Paying rents for housing, traveling charges, utility bills and food expenses sometimes force frugal living on people with limited income. As Karachi, the largest city of Pakistan is most economical place to live in 2012 while on the other hand Tokyo almost three times more expensive. Being jobless in any of the places listed above is a hard thing to happen.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the most expensive places to live in 2013. Don’t forget to share your experiences by dropping in a comment below.

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