How to Use Wikipedia for Better SEO


Wikipedia is the largest free online encyclopedia and perhaps the largest non profit website that exists over the internet today. Being a non profit website Wikipedia has no motive to earn revenues. The only mission is to offer high quality authoritative knowledge.

Many SEO experts often ignore the power of Wikipedia as a quality link building tool. Although Wikipedia does not allow any link juice to all external websites but still a no follow link from Wikipedia will not only improve search engine visibility but drive targeted traffic towards that link.

In 2009, Wikipedia managed to attract over 130 billion page views and the figures seem to have improved a lot more now. Dominating Google Search Results for a majority of keywords suggest either directly or indirectly Wikipedia is a traffic competitor for a large number of websites. So why not use this competitor to take some advantage both in terms of driving traffic and earning revenues.

A large number of Wikipedia pages are PR 7 and the Domain has a PR 9 and Domain Authority 100/100. Here is how to use Wikipedia for a better SEO

Register on Wikipedia

The first step will be to register with Wikipedia. It is simple to build your profile, verify your email and try to appear like a human being rather than a spammer. Although Wikipedia allows ordinary visitors to edit its articles by recording the IP Address but if you want to contribute articles than registration is mandatory.

Research Articles to be Written

The next step is research phase, as Wikipedia articles mostly target a single keyword so ensure a relevant article does not exist over Wikipedia. Don’t write articles on topics that have no coverage over Internet otherwise your articles will be deleted straightaway. You need some authoritative sources to back the article information and you have to mention those links in references section for avoiding plagiarism. Never write something that may be a advertisement or promotion of a brand or company.

Contribute Articles

Before contributing articles ensure they are well researched, well drafted, authentic and authoritative with the information within backed by reliable sources over the internet. Never add links to your personal websites in your early articles rather wait to write an article in your niche and link it towards your blog in the references section. Wikipedia loves fresh content so does Google so try to write articles on fresh topics.

Precautions :-

  • Don’t be quick in contributing articles.
  • Always write articles high quality authoritative articles backed by a reliable Internet source otherwise your articles will be deleted.
  • Never add a link within the article body as senior editors will remove it within a few moments.
  • Always edit or add articles with relevant and reliable content otherwise administrators will disable your account and in worst cases blacklist the IP Address.
  • Don’t link your website too much from Wikipedia otherwise it will enter spam list.
  • Always be cautious, don’t link Wikipedia articles with low quality pages.
  • If you write about something unique there is a high possibility of automatic mentions as I personally managed to get  links for some of my articles through this mechanism.

Final Words:-

Most of us ignore the power of no follow links, no follow links are powerful if they are coming out of high authority pages and contain our website brand name such as “fraakz” for This not only helps improve page rank but also assists search engine to rank content higher in search results. Through getting some quality links at a steady pace from highly authoritative websites will help your website not only drive targeted traffic but also increased search engine exposure. Don’t forget to post your experiences while using Wikipedia for a better SEO in the comments section below.


  • Usman

    I agree no follow links are very important. If we have a no follow links from a Wikipedia PR 7 article than it will help boost our SERP’s

  • Jowett

    What are the guidelines in making a wiki article? Sometimes I see articles in wikipedia that are not even informative. Anyway, Wikipedia is of those great authority sites that you can have free backlinks anyway… so long as you make a great articles for them pertaining to a certain topic or keyword.