How to Make Money on Elance


One of the best ways to make money online is working as a freelancer. As freelancers sell their skills & services so searching for suitable projects to work on may be difficult sometimes but thanks to various websites that assist freelancers in getting hired.

Elance is one such website that connects employers with freelancers. The employers post jobs and projects they want to outsource while freelancers bid the price they will charge for doing the job. In the end one lucky freelancer gets hired by the employer.

Elance remains the best website to search for work as it has a balance of jobs such as large projects with value over $10K as well as small projects that are worth only $100.

Although its no rocket science to get hired on Elance but getting your first project is extremely hard as thousands of individuals end up failing to get a project. You need to be proactive for getting projects.

Here is a detailed procedure in how to make money working with Elance.

Signup for Elance

The first step is to sign up for Elance. There are two options either to sign up as a Business Enterprise or to sign up as an individual. You need to provide a valid name, email address, residential address and a working telephone number. Please be careful to provide real details asked by Elance so that no further issues arise due to misleading information. Before bidding on projects you need to verify your telephone number where Elance system will give you a call with the confirmation code once your account gets verified you are almost ready to make money with Elance.

Complete your Profile

The next step is to complete your profile. You need to add your introduction, projects portfolio, service description, team members and resume containing your skills and educational background. Don’t forget to add a thumbnail image to give your profile a professional look.

Test your Skills

It’s the time to test your skills; you need to prove your expertise and technical knowledge for a particular skill to leave a healthy impression upon potential contractors. Although its not compulsory rather many profiles are doing good without taking tests but still getting through Elance Skills Test helps in getting valuable projects.

Find Work

Here comes first challenge in the procedure, you need to search the work for which you have the skills. Elance has several categories so you need to stumble into the relevant category and start searching for your first ever project.

Elance has several membership plans but it also supports free membership. Elance works on connects (tokens) basis which are used to bid for projects, free membership offer 15 connects per month so be careful not to ruin your connects by bidding on wrong projects. These connects prevent mass posting of bids and ensure the freelancers remain serious in bidding only for selected projects.

When browsing jobs please ensure that you have the relevant skills and time to complete the job especially the jobs that pay you hourly for the work done. Before bidding on a project don’t forget to research about the contractor to check his reputation. If you are serious, never bid on projects posted by employers having a poor history and negative reputation. The low quality projects even if won successfully will add up to your Jobs Portfolio which may have a detrimental effect on your reputation for the upcoming projects.

Getting First Project is Hardest

Although Elance has thousands of contractors and freelancers offering their services and jobs but succeeding in winning the first project is hardest. To get your first project, as already mentioned your profile must be attractive; you must contact the project poster through direct message telling him about yourself, send few samples and ask him to do some work on the project before getting the full project while inform him how much price negotiation can be done. All this needs to be done before posting a bid.

Elance works on trust, no body would ever take the risk of awarding a project to someone who is incompetent that’s the reason why only trusted individuals succeed in getting the work they want.

The Job History is major determinant of trust so for new contractors its hardest to prove their skills. When you get a project ensure you always over deliver so that the contractor gives you a good rating.

Track your time to check your Productivity

Many members find it hard to concentrate on their tasks while searching for work. Please ensure you are productive and spend your time either working on projects or searching for projects. Don’t waste time just browsing jobs as it won’t help unless you find the correct one to place a bid.

Final Words

Elance is one of the largest websites for searching work online. Many successful companies and freelancers are successfully utilizing the potential of this website. It is a possibility that in the early phase, working on projects may not be successful but as you get mature you will start making substantial money and profits. Don’t give and thats the key towards success.