How to get American (USA) Visitors Traffic to your Website

Today we will teach you how to get real American USA visitors to your website.


Whenever we analyze the IT Industry than surely we will say one thing, America (USA) is one of the most advanced countries in terms of IT Infrastructure. The largest IT and Software Development Companies lay their origins from America such as Microsoft, IBM, Google, Oracle and many more.

The visitors and advertisers are the lifeblood of any website. The more targeted visitors a website has, the more advertisers would want to place their adverts helping the website earn revenue.

In terms of revenue, American Traffic is most profitable so we often find webmasters looking for ways to drive more American visitors to their website.

After some experiences and research I am sharing five ways through which the website owners could drive targeted American Visitors to their website.

1- Set Preferred Location in Google Webmasters Account

The Google Webmasters Account lets you select a preferred location to target your website content. Choosing United States of America will not only drive more targeted American Visitors but will also let you earn higher with advertisements.

2- Create Content for American Audience

No matter how much the search engines evolve, content will always be the king of dynasty. The more tailored your content is for the USA audience, the higher percentage of targeted USA traffic you will be receiving.

The best way to find out what’s in demand is use Google Trends and write on topics that are actively searched on Google by US Audience. Some examples might be “Top 10 Places for Fishing in California” or “The Places you should visit in the US” etc.

3- Social Media Promotion

Social Media has a great influence on a person’s life. There were various studies that suggest Americans dig through their social media accounts before getting off the bed.

Although Facebook has the largest American users base but still this tool seldom attracts visitors. In order to lure more American Traffic you need to work upon Stumble Upon, Pinterest and Reddit.

Stumble Upon is highly popular social bookmarking website with a high proportion of American users. By posting and marketing your story on stumble upon you may end up driving thousands of targeted American visitors to your website.

Reddit is another useful social media websites that gathers the best content from around the web. If your story gets to the front page of Reddit, you will end up receiving tons of targeted American traffic to your website.

Pinterest is the fastest growing social media website, commonly known as Facebook for female, Pinterest is innovative enough to allow users pin some eye catchy and innovative images which if get featured on the front page will let you drive a very profitable non tech savvy audience from all parts of the world specifically USA.

Although it isn’t easy to dominate social media, you need to build your profiles, promote them, and engage followers so that you end up receiving targeted traffic to your blog.

4- Build Links on American Websites

Building backlinks on websites with high percentage of American Traffic helps you drive more targeted USA visitors to your website. The examples are guest posting, forum posting, blog comments etc. A few of the popular websites are Huffington Post, Tech Crunch, Mashable, Boing Boing, Engadget, Digital Point, Warrior Forum etc.

5- Try Email Marketing

The USA visitors unlike their counterparts regularly read their email messages and social media accounts. If you send them something of their interest via email you will end up attracting that particular user towards your website. Please beware and don’t spam their inbox otherwise they will block you, moreover the rules and laws ask you to write your address at the bottom of the email message to stop spam activity. You can easily start building email lists on your website with Aweber or Mail Chimp.

6- Submit to Classified Websites and Local Directories

Submitting links to classified websites and local directories will gain more exposure for your website. The places to look for are DMOZ, Yahoo Directory, Craiglist, OLX.

7- Register .Us Domain Name

This may sound strange but the fact remains, American traffic flows more smoothly towards a domain name with .us extension when compared to other .com and .net extensions. The .us domain name is cheap in price and gives an indication of the website being tailored towards the specific American region.

8- Advertise on American Websites

Advertisement generates more leads and conversion. Placing your advert on websites with high proportion of American Visitors will allow you redirect some genuine buyers and loyal subscribers of your websites. Some popular places to advertise are Google Adwords, Buy Sell Ads etc.

Editor’s Review

In addition to having the largest economy, America has the second largest internet user’s base. Statistics suggest USA traffic accounts for 10.2% of the total internet users all across the world. For a large majority of webmasters driving American user’s traffic is most profitable, as a majority of internet advertisers are from America and target their promotional campaigns for USA audience. If your motive is earn money you require American Visitors.

I hope you have learned how to drive unlimited targeted American USA visitors to your website. Please drop in a comment below should you have any further queries.