Earn Money through Hostgator Affiliate Program

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to earn passive income. There are a variety of reliable affiliate programs that help you make thousands of dollars every month referring customers.

Hostgator Affiliates is among the top notch reliable affiliate marketing programs available over the internet. This has helped many internet marketing professionals to earn money easily promoting Hostgator web hosting services.

What is Hostgator Affiliate Program?

Hostgator is an American company that offers web hosting service solutions to clients across the globe. The company is popular because of their economical hosting packages, the servers are reliable having a high up-time and the different packages include attractive features such as unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and one click scripts installation. They also have a dedicated sales and support team staff that responds to user queries in time.

Being the market leader Hostagator has an Affiliates Program that allows webmasters and marketers to earn money referring new clients.

Who can Join Hostgator Affiliate Program?

There are no hard and fast rules for joining as an affiliate, its not necessary to have a web hosting account with Hostgator to be an affiliate yet its highly recommended to try the services yourself before recommending it to someone else. Just fill in the form and verify your email you are ready to go.

Sign Up Hostgator Affiliate Program

How to Earn Money with Hostagator

Once you have signed up and verified your account you will be awarded special affiliate links and banners for promoting Hostgator Services. If you have a website or blog start writing reviews about Hostgator Hosting convincing users to sign up with your affiliate links, place banners in your website and add a footer link saying “this site is hosted at Hostgator”.

You will be allowed to create coupons offering 25% discount on Hostgator Hosting or a $9.94 discount to encourage new clients sign up. It’s recommended do not sign up for your own web hosting account with your personal affiliate links otherwise Hostgator may trace it to mark the transaction as invalid damaging your reputation as an Affiliate.

Once someone subscribes to Hostgator services with your coupon code or affiliate links you will be earning money on each referral. The rates vary if you refer 1-5 customers per month than you will be making $50/sale commission whilst if you refer 21 or more clients a month you will earn $125/sale. Here is how much you could earn from referring customers.


The affiliate system works on a cookie basis, it stores the cookies for about 90 days, this means even if a client did not sign up on the first go following your link but he did join in the 90 days time period from the same computer through which he clicked your link than you will earn the commission.

Payment Solutions

The affiliates get paid either through a Cheque or Paypal. For Paypal there is no minimum payment threshold so you could withdraw money even from one sale. Hostgator waits for 60 days before marking your referral as valid, during this period it tracks whether the Hosting Account is active to ensure you have referred the valid client. After 60 days you could withdraw your commissions.

Affiliates Feedback

The majority of Hostgator Affiliates share a positive feedback whilst some had to face minor issues such as the sale being marked as invalid or a fraud but this seldom happens otherwise if you refer valid customers you won’t miss out. Remember don’t promote Hostgator Services through Advertisement Programs or Facebook Ads otherwise Hostgator may trace you as a spammer and may suspend your account in extreme cases.

Verdict :-

I hope the above analysis is enough to convince you about using Hostgator Affiliate Program to earn money. It is highly recommended to all those who want to earn passive income (the income that comes even after you leave work on website). Hostgator is very popular web hosting services provider and so is their Affiliate Program. What are you waiting for Sign Up for Hostgator Affiliate Program and start earning money.