Top 10 Web Designers’ Tools For Bringing ‘Interactive’ Quotient To Web Pages

Web Designer
We have come past the age when websites used to be too glossy, full of high contrast images and graphics. Right now, minimalism dictates the designing world. The websites and web pages ... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Rules to Enhance Your Composition

top 10 reasons for amazing photography
They say true photography does not have a text book grammar to follow, but just a grammar of heart to rely on. But, then also, just hanging around with a Canon EOS 5D Mark III will ... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Fascinating Facts about Colors

Top 10 amazing Facts about Colors
10. Women can see more colors than men: Especially when it comes to red, women tend to see maroon, cardinal and crimson and for men, it is just red. The red color seeing gene is located ... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Amazing Vector Tutorials You Will Die For

Top 10 Amazing Vector Tutorials
For a web designer, Vector art is like the magic wand. One little wave and it can change the history and geography of a picture in the most amazing way. Vector graphics is the tool ... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Colors

Top 10 Colors
Color is what makes the world so beautiful. What would we do if roses weren’t red and violets weren’t blue? Here are the top 10 colors. 1. Vermillion Also called Chinese ... Continue Reading →

Download 20 Best Widescreen Wallpapers HD Collection

The users should download Widescreen Wallpapers in HD quality to spice up their desktop screens. The wallpaper usually describes mood, personality, likes & dislikes of a person ... Continue Reading →

Download 30 Best Windows 7 Wallpapers HD Collection

Wallpaper HD
Microsoft Windows 7 is a fast and reliable computer operating system that is equipped with advanced features. It replaces Windows Vista and offers some great improvements in terms of ... Continue Reading →

Download 30 Best iPhone 5 Wallpapers HD

Apple iPhone 5 is a sensational Smartphone, it is thinner, lighter and more elegant than its predecessor iPhone 4S. Thanks to the improved retina display which produces stunning graphical ... Continue Reading →

Download 20 Best Windows 8 Wallpapers HD

Microsoft Windows 8 is a highly popular operating system running on the latest technology. This version has a lot of improvements from preceding versions such as improved graphics, ... Continue Reading →

Download 15 Best Mac OS X Wallpapers HD

The users are recommended to Download Mac OS X Wallpapers, if you have a Macbook these wallpapers will give your Dashboard a refreshing feel. Mac OS X Lion is one of the most popular ... Continue Reading →
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