Top 5 Best Soccer Players in 2013 Season


Soccer is a craze not only a game. Playing soccer is very healthy activity that not only refreshes mind but also help human muscles work out.

Best Soccer Players

Soccer is one of the most highly followed sport in the world. Football fans across the globe wait for exciting and thrilling encounters between their favorite teams. As everybody is good and plays to his potential so it often gets difficult to choose one for the season to be awarded player of the year.

Best Soccer Players in 2013

The 2013 soccer season has brought unlimited excitement and thrill; here we are compiling a list of best soccer players who outperformed their opponents through superb form in the season 2012 and now 2013.

1- Cristiano Ronaldo


The 27 years old Cristiano Ronaldo is a top football player hailing from Portugal who plays internationally as a striker and winger. He represents Real Madrid in Premiere League while leads the Portugal National Football Team as a Captain. His excellent control over the ball allows him to produce some tricky moves while his sharp shooting skills let him produce some wonderful goals from any range.

We observed some excellent performances of Ronaldo this season. Cristiano Ronaldo scored three valuable goals in Euro 2012 helping his team cruise towards the Semi Final stage. He tried his level best to push his team into the finals of Euro 2012 but was unlucky to lose out during Penalty Shootouts against Spain in the Semi Final. Although he has to sit on the back benches for Barcelona but he found the net 46 times in La Liga during the preceding season.

His achievements are large, the highlight being the player of the year award in 2008. Ronaldo is a complete package with dashing looks, passion towards soccer and some amazing natural talent for the game. According to some reports he is one of the richest footballers in the world with salary of $17.06 million in 2010 season.

2- Lionel Messi


The 25 year old shining star Lionel Messi represents Argentina National Football Team and FC Barcelona in English Premiere League. He plays the game as a striker and today his enthusiasm & talent have secured him a huge fans following all over the world.

“Lionel Messi is a legend” that’s what we often get to hear from some passionate Football followers. His strength lies in the amazing dribbling abilities, accurate goal shooting, ability to rotate the ball and the blistering pace that could challenge even the strongest defensive lineups.

We did not see much of Messi in International Fixtures this season but he showcased a promising performance in UEFA English Premiere League and La Liga scoring some beautiful goals.

He has been really famous for his sharp skills that match the need of the game but he still has to prove his goal scoring abilities in international matches.

3- Andres Iniesta


Named the European Player of the year for 2012, The Spanish midfielder Andres Iniesta became the heart throb for millions of Spanish fans when he scored the winning goal in the World Cup 2010 final against Italy bringing the trophy home. His dribbling skills have helped Spain secure the number one position in international FIFA Rankings winning major tournaments.

He plays extremely well restricting the opposition strikers getting into the defense; he has been a shining star in UEFA English Premiere League for Barcelona and performed extraordinarily in all the seasons he played La Liga. Some critics regard this 28 year old Spanish star a lucky gem for Barcelona as they have lost just two out of 48 games in his presence during the season.

This season was something to cheer about for all the Spanish fans, according to a survey conducted by Guardian Newspaper Andres Iniesta won the Euro 2012 player of the tournament viewer’s choice award. He is a key member for the best Spanish football side.

4- Wayne Rooney


The English Footballer Rooney has been a key member of England National Team alongside other stars while he is the most hyped member of Manchester United one of the most highly football clubs in Premiere League.

Making International debut in 2003, Rooney has been consistently in a good form scoring in big games. His dodging and shooting skills ensure Manchester United maintains the winning momentum. He plays as a central midfielder but his control over the ball and skills to dodge opponents push him into the spotlight as a striker. He missed the opening two encounters during the Euro 2012 that had cost England too much but still his excellent performances in Premiere League make him one of the best players in 2012.

5- Robin Van Persie


The Dutch striker Robin Van Persie represents Netherlands National Football Team and Arsenal in Premiere League. His strengths are ability to nudge the ball forward smoothly through tricky moves and the excellent control over the ball that could break through the defense of opponent side. He led the Dutch Team into the Finals of World Cup 2010 securing first runners up spot after losing to spain in the finals.

The 29 year old failed to impress in Euro 2012 scoring just one goal and the injury during the season brought disappointment for his fans. Experts rate him a technically gifted player whose strength is shooting through left feet but his goal scoring performances in the current 2012-2013 Premiere League ensure he is among the top 5 soccer players for 2012.

Top Soccer Players 2013

Although the list has been compiled according to the season’s performance but let’s not forget some other players who are having a fantastic season like Xavi, Neymar, Didier Drogba, Yaya Toure and Karim Benzema. There are many others who performed extraordinarily winning the hearts of soccer lovers.

The season 2013 is a delight for soccer fans all across the globe. The year 2012 witnessed two of the biggest International Football Events such as Euro 2012 and the London Olympics 2012, not to forget the World Cup 2014 Qualifiers followed by millions. The UEFA English Premiere League and Spain’s La Liga are also equally exciting courtesy the memorable performances exhibited by legends of the game.

Uruguay managed to steal the trophy of Copa America 2011, while we all know how much passion did Spanish Team showcased to grab the Euro 2012 trophy earning the bragging rights to be the European Champion for the second consecutive time and we have to appreciate Mexico for surprising everybody getting over Brazil in London Olympics 2012 Football Final to win a Gold Medal.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the list of top 5 best performing soccer players in this year, Gear up to see some extraordinary performance by your favorite football players in upcoming matches.

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