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A Pakistani Blog teaching business ideas and ways to maximize wealth in a legal way.

Fraakz.Com is an online publication committed in offering high quality user oriented content that adds up to the knowledge of the reader as well as solves complex problems by offering flexibility in content structure.

Fraakz.Com is an individual effort of a Pakistani Student Abdul Rahman.


Fraakz.Com was inaugurated on Wednesday 22nd December 2010 the shortest day and longest night of the year 2010.

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Experience well structured contemporary business ideas and learn legal and effective ways to maximize your wealth.

Know how to make money on the internet through reading useful blogging and SEO tips and tricks

Blog Team:-

Abdul Rahman ( Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Editor) :-

My name is Abdul Rahman and I am a 19 years old passionate blogger from Pakistan. My name won’t ring too many bells among the larger audience, but the fact of the matter is that i have been around in Website Designing and Development field for almost four years. Although fame has eluded me from time to time but now i am ready to expose my real talent and take the level up a notch.

Describing myself i would say a young aspiring enthusiastic student, a wanna be business tycoon who blogs to share some useful tips and tricks with the valuable readers.

I studied Pre Medical subjects until my Intermediate studies in Pakistan but realizing my aptitude and interest towards the Business Side I shifted to Accountancy and Finance Subjects in my Undergraduate Studies that i am currently pursuing.

You will find Fraakz.Com unique and distinct from other blogs for the reason I share what i learn and think is necessary in my own flavor. Although the primary purpose of fraakz.com is to serve as a business entrepreneurs hot spot but at the end of the day I do offer quality educational and informational content to my sweet and lovely readers.

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Tips and suggestions are most welcome. I have no intentions to speak against any one. I am not biased.  If you find any content offensive, rip off or irrelevant than please do report me through your feedback. No infringement of copyright or violation of laws is intended I am not liable for anything. All claims are rejected.

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